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trim /trɪm/ verb (past tense and past participle trimmed, present participle trimming) [transitive]
trim noun

هدایت کردن تخته موج به قسمت هموار ، موقعیت تخته موج دراب ، اراسته ، کج شدن ناو از سینه یا پاشنه ، درست کردن ، اراستن ، زینت دادن ، پیراستن ، تراشیدن ، چیدن ، پیراسته ، مرتب ، پاکیزه ، تر وتمیز ، وضع ، حالت ، تودوزی وتزئینات داخلی اتومبیل ، علوم مهندسی: پاک کردن ، معماری: مرتب ، ورزش: موقعیت قایق دراب ، علوم نظامی: هرس کردن زدن حواشی و زواید ، علوم دریایی: نشست
- neat, dapper, natty (informal), shipshape, smart, spruce, tidy, well-groomed
- slender, fit, shapely, sleek, slim, streamlined, svelte, willowy
- cut, clip, crop, even up, pare, prune, shave, tidy
- decorate, adorn, array, beautify, deck out, dress, embellish, ornament
- decoration, adornment, border, edging, embellishment, frill, ornamentation, piping, trimming
- condition, fettle, fitness, health, shape (informal), state
- cut, clipping, crop, pruning, shave, shearing, tidying up
Antonyms: frowsy
Contrasted words: disordered, shapeless, straggly
Related Words: skin, clean, clean-cut, fit, spruce, shapely, streamlined, symmetrical, commission, whack
English Thesaurus: cut, snip, slit, slash, saw, ...

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I. trim1 /trɪm/ verb (past tense and past participle trimmed, present participle trimming) [transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: trymian, trymman 'to strengthen, arrange', from trum 'strong, firm']

1. CUT to make something look neater by cutting small pieces off it:
Pete was trimming the lawn around the roses.
I have my hair trimmed every six weeks.
trim something away/off
Trim away any excess glue with a knife.

2. REDUCE to reduce a number, amount, or the size of something:
We need to trim costs by £500m.
The bill would trim the number of immigrants to the US.
trim something from/off something
The company trimmed £46,000 from its advertising budget.

3. DECORATE [usually passive] to decorate something, especially clothes, by adding things that look pretty
trim something with something
a dress trimmed with lace
At Christmas, the whole family helps trim the tree.

4. SAIL to move the sails of a boat in order to go faster
trim something ↔ back phrasal verb
to make something shorter or smaller:
Trim the stems back carefully.
Most airlines have trimmed back their operations.
trim down phrasal verb
to lose weight deliberately:
Anne has trimmed down from 22 stone to 18.

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II. trim2 adjective

1. a person who is trim is thin in an attractive healthy way Synonym : slim:
I play tennis to keep trim.
a trim figure

2. neat and well cared for:
trim suburban gardens

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III. trim3 noun

1. [singular] when something is cut to make it look neater:
My beard needs a trim.

2. in (good) trim informal in good condition
keep/get (something) in trim
If you want to get in trim for summer, try aerobics.
My job was to keep the garden in trim.

3. [singular, uncountable] additional decoration on a car, piece of clothing etc:
suede sandals with gold trim

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ADV. carefully, neatly his neatly trimmed moustache
away, off Trim away the lower leaves.
into trimming the bush into a heart shape
PHRASES get/have your hair trimmed

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