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trip /trɪp/ noun

فت پا (کشتی) ، چکانیدن ماشه ، در کردن تیر ، اشتباه ، مسافرت کردن ، رفت یا برگشت فنر ، پرواز (در داروهای توهم زا) ، سبک رفتن ، پشت پا خوردن یازدن ، لغزش خوردن ، سکندری خوردن ، سفر کردن ، گردش کردن ، گردش ، سفر ، لغزش ، سکندری ، عمران: اسکیپ در چاه ، روانشناسی: پرواز ، ورزش: فت پا ، علوم نظامی: ازاد کردن یا شکل کردن طناب
- journey, errand, excursion, expedition, foray, jaunt, outing, run, tour, voyage
- stumble, fall, misstep, slip
- stumble, fall, lose one's footing, misstep, slip, tumble
- catch out, trap
- skip, dance, gambol, hop
Related Words: drive, progress, run
English Thesaurus: journey, trip, tour, excursion, expedition, ...

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I. trip1 S2 W2 /trɪp/ noun

1. [countable] a visit to a place that involves a journey, for pleasure or a particular purpose
trip to
Did you enjoy your trip to Disneyland?
trip from
The Palace is only a short trip from here.
business/school/shopping etc trip
a business trip to Japan
Two lucky employees won a round-the-world trip.
coach/boat/bus trip
a boat trip up the Thames
day trip (=a pleasure trip done in one day)
It’s an 80-mile round trip (=a journey to a place and back again) to Exeter.
return trip (=when you are travelling back to where you started)
I’m afraid you’ve had a wasted trip (=a trip in which you do not achieve your purpose) Mr Burgess has already left.
go on/take a trip
We’re thinking of taking a trip to the mountains.
He was unable to make the trip to accept the award.

2. [countable] informal the strange mental experiences someone has when they take a drug such as LSD:
a bad trip

3. [singular] American English informal a person or experience that is amusing and unusual:
Julie’s such a trip!

4. [countable] an act of falling as a result of hitting something with your foot:
accidents caused by trips or falls
ego trip, ⇒ guilt trip at guilt1(4), ⇒ round trip

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II. trip2 verb (past tense and past participle tripped, present participle tripping)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: triper]

1. FALL (also trip up) [intransitive] to hit something with your foot by accident so that you fall or almost fall Synonym : stumble:
He tripped and fell.
trip over
Clary tripped over a cable and broke his foot.
trip on
He tripped on the bottom step.

2. MAKE SOMEBODY FALL (also trip up) [transitive] to make someone fall by putting your foot in front of them when they are moving:
Baggio was tripped inside the penalty area.

3. SWITCH ON [transitive] to switch on a piece of electrical equipment by accident:
An intruder had tripped the alarm.

4. WALK/DANCE [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] literary to walk, run, or dance with quick light steps:
a little girl tripping down the lane

5. trip off the tongue to be easy to say or pronounce:
Monofluorophosphate! It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, does it?

6. DRUG (also trip out) [intransitive] informal to experience the mental effects of a drug such as LSD:
They must have been tripping.

7. trip the light fantastic to dance – used humorously
trip up phrasal verb

1. to make a mistake, or to force someone to make a mistake by tricking them:
On his latest album, Kowalski trips up attempting more modern songs.
trip somebody ↔ up
an attempt to trip up the Prime Minister on policy issues

2. to hit something with your foot so that you fall, or to make someone do this
trip somebody ↔ up
He chased the thief, tripped him up, and grabbed the camera.

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ADJ. extended, long | brief, little, quick, short | day, overnight, weekend We went on a day trip to the seaside.
frequent, occasional, rare, regular He makes frequent trips to Poland.
annual, weekly, etc. | forthcoming | fantastic, good, great, nice, pleasant, successful | memorable | abortive, fruitless | successful | return, round From London to Oxford and back is a round trip of over a hundred miles.
foreign, overseas | round-the-world, world | European, Japan, etc. | boat, coach, cycle, etc. | business, fishing, pleasure, shopping, sightseeing | school a school trip to the Science Museum
field a geography field trip to study a limestone landscape
VERB + TRIP be (away) on, go on, make, take She's away on a business trip. From here visitors can take a boat trip along the coast to Lundy Island.
have Did you have a good trip?
come back from, return from | be back from He's just back from a trip to New York.
arrange, organize, plan | book | cancel | extend | cut short I had to cut short my trip when my wallet was stolen.
enjoy Enjoy your trip!
PREP. ~ by a five-minute trip by taxi
~ to a trip to Tokyo
PHRASES a trip abroad My last trip abroad was two years ago.
the trip home The trip home took us five hours!
the trip of a lifetime They saved for years for their trip of a lifetime to Hawaii.

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I. knock your foot on sth and fall
ADV. almost, nearly | over, up One of the boys tripped over and crashed into a tree. Be careful or you'll trip up.
PREP. on She tripped on the loose stones.
over I nearly tripped over the cat.
PHRASES trip and fall Don't leave toys on stairs where someone could trip and fall.

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II. walk lightly
ADV. lightly | out
PREP. along tripping along the path
down She came tripping lightly down the stairs.
PHRASES come tripping

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go on a trip (=go somewhere and come back)
I’ve been on a coach trip to France.
take a trip (=go somewhere for pleasure)
Take a trip on the Santa Fe railway or cruise on a Mississippi paddle boat.
make a trip (=go somewhere, and perhaps come back)
I couldn’t see him making the long trip to Minneapolis alone.
a business trip
I’m on a business trip with my boss.
a shopping/fishing/skiing etc trip
He was knocked off his bicycle on his way home from a shopping trip.
a school trip (=when children and teachers from a school go somewhere)
She went on a school trip to Tuscany.
a coach/bus/boat trip
They took a boat trip to see the seals.
a day trip (=when you go somewhere for pleasure and come back the same day)
Take a day trip to York, which is just 15 miles away.
a round trip (=a journey to a place and back again)
His wife makes a hundred and fifty mile round trip to see him twice a week.
the return trip (=the journey back to a place)
A day or two later she began her return trip to Chicago.
a wasted trip (=a trip in which you do not achieve what you wanted to)
I’m afraid you’ve had a wasted trip. We don’t have those shoes in stock.

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