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troop /truːp/ noun

گروهان سوار گروهان سوار زرهی] ، افراد ، گروه ، عده سربازان ، استواران ، گرد اوردن ، فراهم امدن ، دسته دسته شدن ، رژه رفتن ، علوم نظامی: پرسنل دار
- group, band, body, company, crowd, horde, multitude, squad, team, unit
- troops: soldiers, armed forces, army, men, servicemen, soldiery
- flock, march, stream, swarm, throng, traipse (informal)
Related Idioms: fighting men
Related Words: assemblage, assembly, collection, gathering, army, host, legion, multitude, combatants, soldiers, troopers

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I. troop1 W2 /truːp/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: troupe]

1. troops [plural] soldiers in an organized group:
Both countries agreed to withdraw their troops.
French/UN/government etc troops
Johnson took the popular step of sending in American troops.
troops stationed in Hawaii

2. troop movement/withdrawal etc movements etc of troops:
increased troop deployment (=when troops are moved to places where they are needed)

3. [countable] a group of soldiers, especially on horses or in tanks:
the troop commander

4. [countable] a group of people or animals that do something together:
a troop of monkeys
a Scout troop

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II. troop2 verb [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] informal
if a group of people troop somewhere, they walk there together in a way that shows they are tired or bored
troop off/along/out etc
After rehearsals, we’d all troop off to the cafeteria.

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American/French/UN etc troops
This operation was undertaken by British troops.
foreign troops
He demanded that all foreign troops be withdrawn from the region.
government troops
The state radio reported serious clashes between government troops and guerrillas.
peacekeeping troops
He ruled out sending UN peacekeeping troops into the republic.
ground troops
The advancing ground troops were provided with substantial air support.
combat troops
Heavily-armed combat troops were deployed on the streets of the capital yesterday.
enemy troops
His platoon was captured by enemy troops.
elite/crack troops (=the best, most skilled or most experienced troops)
The general's headquarters is guarded by crack troops.
withdraw troops
Mauritania had declared its neutrality and withdrawn its troops.
send in troops
Johnson wanted to win the war without sending in American ground troops.
deploy troops (=send them to a place where they could do something)
Should more troops be deployed?
troops are stationed
525,000 American troops were stationed in the country.
troops march
British troops marched north to attack the German forces.
troops advance (=move forward in order to attack a place)
Government troops advanced on the rebel stronghold.

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