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turf /tɜːf $ tɜːrf/ noun (plural turfs or turves) /tɜːvz $ tɜːrvz/

Irregular Forms: (pl) turves

کلوخ چمنی ، خاک ریشه دار ، طبقه فوقانی خاک ، مرغزار ، ذغال سنگ نارس ، باچمن پوشاندن ، ورزش: پیست چمن اسبدوانی
- grass, sod, sward
- the turf: horse-racing, racing, the flat
Related Words: area, region, sphere

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I. turf1 /tɜːf $ tɜːrf/ noun (plural turfs or turves) /tɜːvz $ tɜːrvz/
[Language: Old English]

1. [uncountable] especially British English a surface that consists of soil with grass on top, or an artificial surface that looks like this:
soft green turf

2. [countable] British English a square piece of turf cut out of the ground

3. the turf the sport of horse racing, or the track on which horses race

4. [uncountable] informal an area that you think of as being your own:
How vigorously will the local companies defend their turf?
sb’s own/home turf (=the place that someone comes from or lives in)
We beat Canada on their home turf.
turf war/battle (=a fight or argument over the areas or things you think belong to you)
turf wars among government bureaucracies

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II. turf2 verb [transitive]
to cover an area of land with turf
turf somebody ↔ out (also turf somebody off (something)) phrasal verb
British English informal to make someone leave a place or organization, usually suddenly or roughly Synonym : kick somebody out
turf somebody ↔ out of
The families claim they are being turfed out of their homes.

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ADJ. green | soft, springy | artificial | hallowed, home (of a sports pitch) the hallowed turf of Wembley the team's first success of the season on home turf
QUANT. piece, sod primitive cottages made of sods of turf and sticks
VERB + TURF cut They still cut turf here for fuel.
lay laying turf to create a lawn
TURF + NOUN fire

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