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unaffected /ˌʌnəˈfektəd◂, ˌʌnəˈfektɪd◂/ adjective

بی پیرایه ، ساده ، بی تکلیف ، صمیمی ، بیریا
Synonyms: natural, artless, genuine, plain, simple, sincere, unpretentious
Synonyms: impervious, proof, unmoved, unresponsive, untouched
Antonyms: affected, artificial

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unaffected AC /ˌʌnəˈfektəd◂, ˌʌnəˈfektɪd◂/ adjective

1. not changed or influenced by something
unaffected by
The north remained largely unaffected by the drought.

2. natural in the way you behave – use this to show approval:
her easy unaffected manner
—unaffectedly adverb

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VERBS appear, be, seem | remain
ADV. altogether, completely, entirely, quite, totally, wholly | almost, virtually | largely | comparatively, relatively | apparently, seemingly She was seemingly unaffected by his presence.
PREP. by He appeared totally unaffected by this experience.

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