undone ●●●○○
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undone /ˌʌnˈdʌn◂/ adjective [not before noun]

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {undo}

ناکرده ، ناتمام ، خراب
Synonyms: unfinished, left, neglected, omitted, unfulfilled, unperformed

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undone /ˌʌnˈdʌn◂/ adjective [not before noun]
[Word Family: verb: do, outdo, overdo, redo, undo; noun: deedmisdeed, do, doing; adjective: done, overdone, undone]

1. not fastened:
Your zip’s undone.
One of these buttons has come undone.

2. not finished:
The washing-up had been left undone.

3. old use destroyed and without hope:
In the end, Othello is undone by his jealousy.

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I. not fastened or tied
VERBS be | come My button's come undone again.
get sth I can't get this knot undone.

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II. not done
VERBS be | remain | leave sth We left the washing-up undone and went out for the day.

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