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unfavourable , unfavorable /ʌnˈfeɪvərəbəl/ adjective

نامساعد ، مخالف ، برعکس ، زشت ، بد قیافه ، نامطلوب
Synonyms: adverse, detrimental, negative, evil, bad, ill
Antonyms: favorable

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unfavourable British English, unfavorable American English /ʌnˈfeɪvərəbəl/ adjective

1. unfavourable conditions, situations etc are not good:
unfavourable circumstances

2. if someone’s reaction or attitude to something is unfavourable, they do not like it:
unfavourable reviews
unfavourable publicity
Careless spelling mistakes in a letter can create an unfavourable impression.
—unfavourably adverb

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