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unman noun. [ʌn'man] rare. Pl. unmen [ʌn'mɛn].
unman verb trans. [ʌn'man] Infl. -nn-.

فاقد مردانگی کردن ، از مردی انداختن
Synonyms: unnerve, castrate, emasculate, enervate, unstring
Antonyms: man
Contrasted words: brace, fortify
Related Idioms: knock the bottom (or stuffing) out of
Related Words: deplete, drain, exhaust, impoverish, abase, degrade, disqualify, paralyze, prostrate, unfit

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un·man (n-măn)
tr.v. un·manned, un·man·ning, un·mans
To cause to give up manly courage or spirit.
To take away virility from; emasculate.

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