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unsound /ˌʌnˈsaʊnd◂/ adjective

غلط ، ناسالم ، ناخوش ، نادرست ، ناصحیح
- unhealthy, ailing, defective, diseased, ill, unbalanced, unstable, unwell, weak
- unreliable, defective, fallacious, false, flawed, illogical, shaky, specious, weak
Antonyms: sound
Contrasted words: solid, strong, substantial
Related Words: damaged, faulty, flawed, imperfect

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unsound /ˌʌnˈsaʊnd◂/ adjective

1. not based on facts or good reasons
ideologically/scientifically/ecologically etc unsound
a test that’s scientifically unsound

2. an unsound building or structure is in bad condition:
The houses are structurally unsound.

3. formal physically or mentally ill:
people of unsound mind (=people who are mentally ill)

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