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upbringing /ˈʌpˌbrɪŋɪŋ/ noun [singular, uncountable]

تربیت ، روش اموزش و پرورش بچه ، روانشناسی: تربیت
Synonyms: education, breeding, raising, rearing, training

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upbringing /ˈʌpˌbrɪŋɪŋ/ noun [singular, uncountable]
the way that your parents care for you and teach you to behave when you are growing up ⇒ bring up:
Mike had had a strict upbringing.

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ADJ. conventional Mine was a conventional family upbringing.
sheltered, strict | Catholic, Jewish, etc., religious | cultural | middle-class, etc.
VERB + UPBRINGING have He had a normal middle-class upbringing.
give sb They gave their children a strict Catholic upbringing.
UPBRINGING + VERB give sb sth, prepare sb (for sth) Her upbringing had given her the social skills to cope with such situations. My upbringing prepared me for anything.
PHRASES part of your upbringing Part of his upbringing had been not to question his elders.

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a middle-class upbringing
She had a comfortable middle-class upbringing.
a religious/Muslim/Catholic etc upbringing
Because of her Catholic upbringing she would not divorce her husband.
a sheltered upbringing (=one in which someone is protected from difficult or unpleasant experiences)
I'd had a very sheltered upbringing, so going to college was a real eye-opener.
a strict upbringing
He reacted violently against his strict upbringing.
a privileged upbringing (=when someone has advantages because their family is wealthy)
Due to his privileged upbringing, he finds it difficult to identify with ordinary people.
a good upbringing
However good their upbringing, young people may still behave badly.
have a good/religious/tough etc upbringing
He had a rather unsettled upbringing, moving with his father from town to town.

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