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versatile /ˈvɜːsətaɪl $ ˈvɜːrsətl/ adjective

فراگیرنده ، دارای استعداد و ذوق ، روان ، سلیس ، گردان ، متحرک ، متنوع و مختلط ، چندسو گرد ، تطبیق پذیر ، همه کاره ، علوم مهندسی: چند بعدی
Synonyms: adaptable, adjustable, all-purpose, all-round, flexible, multifaceted, resourceful, variable
Contrasted words: inadequate, limited
Related Words: elastic, flexible, plastic, pliable, adroit, dexterous, facile, able, skilled, skillful, accomplished, conversant, gifted, talented, well-rounded

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versatile /ˈvɜːsətaɪl $ ˈvɜːrsətl/ adjective
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: Latin versatilis 'turning easily', from versare 'to turn', from versus; verse]

1. someone who is versatile has many different skills:
a very versatile performer
a more versatile workforce

2. having many different uses:
The potato is an extremely versatile vegetable.
—versatility /ˌvɜːsəˈtɪləti, ˌvɜːsəˈtɪlɪti $ ˌvɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]:
Hegley’s outstanding versatility as an all-round entertainer

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VERBS be, prove, seem
ADV. amazingly, extremely, highly, very, wonderfully This machine is amazingly versatile.
fairly, quite

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