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visionary /ˈvɪʒənəri $ -neri/ adjective

رویایی ، خیالی ، تصور غیر عملی ، وابسته بدلایل نظری ، رویابین ، الهامی ، رویا گرای
- prophetic, mystical
- impractical, idealistic, quixotic, romantic, speculative, starry-eyed, unrealistic, unworkable, utopian
- prophet, mystic, seer
Antonyms: pragmatic, pragmatical, pragmatist
Related Idioms: out of this world, up in the clouds
Related Words: abstracted, introspective, musing, impractical, exalted, grandiose, lofty, noble, pretentious, radical

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I. visionary1 /ˈvɪʒənəri $ -neri/ adjective

1. having clear ideas of what the world should be like in the future:
Under his visionary leadership, the city prospered.

2. existing only in someone’s mind and unlikely to ever exist in the real world

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II. visionary2 noun (plural visionaries) [countable]

1. someone who has clear ideas and strong feelings about the way something should be in the future

2. a holy person who has visions

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