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voice /vɔɪs/ noun
voice verb [transitive]

اواز ، شفاهی ، صوتی ، واک ، صوت ، اوا ، باصدا بیان کردن ، ادا کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: رای ، روانشناسی: صدای انسان ، علوم نظامی: گفتاری
کامپیوتر: صدا ، هدست

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- sound, articulation, tone, utterance
- say, view, vote, will, wish
- express, air, articulate, declare, enunciate, utter
Related Words: speech, sound, articulate, enunciate, pronounce, formulate, phrase, present, put, recount, tell
English Thesaurus: comment, remark, point, observation, aside, ...

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Voice, The trademark
a British newspaper especially for the black community compare ebony

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I. voice1 S2 W1 /vɔɪs/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: vois, from Latin vox]

1. SPEAKING [uncountable and countable] the sounds that you make when you speak, or the ability to make these sounds:
He recognized her voice instantly.
I could hear angry voices.

a) [uncountable and countable] the quality of sound you produce when you sing:
Sophie’s got a lovely singing voice
b) [countable] a person singing:
a piece written for six voices and piano

a) [singular, uncountable] the right or ability to express an opinion, to vote, or to influence decisions:
Parents should have a voice in deciding how their children are educated.
b) [countable] an opinion or wish that is expressed:
The government needs to listen to the voice of middle-class Americans.
a fair, democratic society, in which individuals are able to make their voice heard (=express their opinion so that people notice it)
Since the new program was introduced, there have been some dissenting voices (=people expressing disagreement).
Senator Prior spoke out, adding her voice to the call for new laws to protect the environment.

4. speak with one voice if a group of people speak with one voice, they all express the same opinion

5. REPRESENTATIVE [singular] a person, organization, newspaper etc that expresses the opinions or wishes of a group of people
voice of
The senator is the voice of the religious right.

6. the voice of reason/experience etc opinions or ideas that are reasonable, based on experience etc, or someone who has these ideas:
Ben, as ever, has been the voice of reason throughout the whole crisis.

7. FEELINGS give voice to something to express your feelings or thoughts:
Participants are encouraged to give voice to their personal hopes, fears and dreams.

8. inner voice thoughts or feelings that you do not express but seem to warn, criticize, or advise you:
My inner voice told me to be cautious.

9. GRAMMAR active/passive voice technical the form of a verb that shows whether the subject of a sentence does an action or has an action done to it

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II. voice2 verb [transitive]

1. to tell people your opinions or feelings about a particular subject:
The senator voiced concern at how minorities and immigrants are treated in California.
She angrily voiced her objections.

2. technical to produce a sound with a movement of the vocal cords as well as the breath

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I. sounds you make when speaking or singing
ADJ. beautiful, fine, good, lovely, pleasant, sweet She has a beautiful singing voice.
big, booming, loud, ringing, sonorous, stentorian | light, small, thin, tiny, weak | low, soft | deep, gravelly, gruff, hoarse, husky | falsetto, high, high-pitched, shrill, squeaky | clear | muffled, muted, strangulated | harsh, penetrating, sharp | nasal | cracked, rasping, slurred I could tell from his slurred voice that he'd been drinking.
fruity, mellifluous, rich, silky, smooth, velvet, velvety | sing-song | gentle, kindly, soothing | cheerful, hearty | friendly, warm | flat, matter-of-fact, unemotional | calm, cool | firm, steady | urgent | authoritative | distinctive | raised | hushed | angry | strained, tired | plaintive | funny, silly | disembodied | inner An inner voice told him that what he had done was wrong.
singing | alto, baritone, bass, contralto, soprano, tenor, treble
VERB + VOICE hear I could hear voices in the next room.
raise She's a teacher who never has to raise her voice to discipline the children.
drop, lower She dropped her voice to a whisper. You're shouting?please lower your voice.
project Try to project your voice so that the people at the back of the room can hear you.
lose She's lost her voice and won't be able to sing tonight.
find He swallowed nervously as he tried to find his voice.
put on She put on a silly voice as she imitated her boss.
VOICE + VERB go up, rise His voice rose in angry protest.
die away, drop, fade, tail away/off, trail away/off ‘So he won't come … ’ her voice trailed off in disappointment.
be filled/tinged with sth Her voice was filled with emotion.
deepen, harden, soften, thicken His voice suddenly thickened with emotion.
echo Her voice echoed through the silent house.
whisper ‘Be quiet!’ a voice whispered in his ear. | hiss, purr | call (out), cry (out) ‘Who is it?’ a female voice called out.
scream, shout She was dimly aware of voices shouting.
boom (out) | cut through sth, pierce sth His deep voice cut through the silence.
break, crack His voice broke with emotion. His voice broke (= became a deep, man's voice) when he was 14.
falter, quaver, shake, tremble, waver Her voice shook with fear.
drone (on) The flat, unemotional voice droned on.
VOICE + NOUN recognition the computer's voice recognition capability
mail (also voicemail), mailbox, message, traffic | synthesizer
PREP. in a/your ~ ‘Get out!’ she shouted in a shrill voice. There was fury in his voice as he answered her.
PHRASES at the top of your voice I was shouting at the top of my voice but she couldn't hear me.
a babble/hum/murmur of voices They could hear a loud babble of voices coming from the crowded bar.
in good voice The home fans were in good voice (= making a loud noise) before the match. She was in good voice (= singing well) at the concert tonight.
keep your voice down Please keep your voice down so as not to wake the children.
keep your voice level/steady He managed to keep his voice steady despite his feelings of panic.
tone of voice ‘Do you have to speak to me in that tone of voice?’ she said sadly.

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II. expression of ideas/opinions
ADJ. critical, dissenting Dissenting voices at the newspaper are very rare.
lone a lone voice of dissent
powerful Powerful voices in the Senate are determined to bring down the president.
distinctive a writer with a highly distinctive voice
VERB + VOICE find Refugees have been unable to find a voice in politics.
add, lend Many senior politicians have lent their voices to the campaign.
give The magazine gave voice to hundreds of oppressed factory workers.
listen to
PREP. ~ of to listen to the voice of conscience
PHRASES make your voice heard a society in which individuals are able to make their voices heard
speak with one voice The teachers speak with one voice when they demand an end to the cuts.

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Her voice was loud and clear.
quiet/low/soft (=not loud)
When he spoke, his voice was soft and gentle.
a deep/low voice (=near the bottom of the range of sounds)
She heard the deep voice of her father downstairs.
a high voice (=near the top of the range of sounds)
They used to repeat her words in silly high voices.
a clear voice
Natalia’s clear voice rang out.
a small voice (=quiet and not strong or confident)
She answered in a small voice, ‘I think I was afraid.’
a trembling/shaking voice (=a voice that shakes because someone is very nervous or frightened)
He stood up and began to speak in a trembling voice.
a squeaky voice (=very high and not strong)
The mouse talks in a little squeaky voice.
a husky voice (=low and slightly rough but in an attractive way)
She spoke in a husky voice, as though her throat was sore.
a gravelly voice (=very deep and slightly rough)
He sang to her in his famous gravelly voice.
a sing-song voice (=a voice that goes high and low in a pleasant musical way)
She began to recite the poem in a sing-song voice.
raise your voice (=speak more loudly)
She did not raise her voice, or express any anger.
lower your voice (=speak more quietly)
He lowered his voice to a whisper.
keep your voice down (=not speak loudly)
Keep your voice down, they’ll hear you!
lose your voice (=lose the ability to speak, for example when you have a cold)
I'll have to whisper because I've lost my voice.
sb’s voice rises (=becomes louder or higher)
Her voice rose in panic.
sb’s voice drops (=becomes lower)
Lockhart’s voice dropped so that it could only just be heard.
sb’s voice breaks/cracks (=becomes higher or unsteady because they are upset)
Her voice broke and she was unable to continue.
a boy’s voice breaks (=becomes deep as he becomes a man)
His voice had only recently broken.
sb’s voice trembles/shakes (=sounds unsteady)
His voice shook with anger.
sb’s voice trails off/away (=becomes quieter until you cannot hear it)
‘It's just that … ’, his voice trailed away uncertainly.
in a loud/soft/deep etc voice
‘Where is she?’, Kate demanded in a shrill voice.
sb’s tone of voice
His tone of voice was aggressive.
at the top of your voice (=in a very loud voice)
She shouted ‘Help!’ at the top of her voice.

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BAD: Students should feel able to voice out their opinions.
GOOD: Students should feel able to voice their opinions.

Usage Note:
voice your feelings and opinions (WITHOUT out ): 'I'm not just voicing my own opinions - we all feel the same.' 'Whenever one of us voices the slightest disapproval, the chairman takes offence.'

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BAD: 'You're late!' he said with an angry voice.
GOOD: 'You're late!' he said in an angry voice.

Usage Note:
in a loud/deep/sad etc voice (NOT with ): 'She spoke in such a soft voice that we couldn't hear anything.'
Compare: 'She speaks with a strong accent.'

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See: at the top of one's voice , give voice

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