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vulgar /ˈvʌlɡə $ -ər/ adjective

عوامانه ، عامیانه ، پست ، رکیک ، مبتذل
Synonyms: crude, coarse, common, impolite, indecent, ribald, risqué, rude, tasteless, uncouth, unrefined
Contrasted words: decent, delicate, refined, high-minded, lofty, noble, elegant, graceful, correct, proper, seemly
Related Idioms: in very poor taste
Related Words: conversational, spoken, idiomatic, base, low, vile, loathsome, offensive, repulsive, revolting, indecorous, indelicate, uncouth, inelegant, ungraceful, improper, incorrect, unseemly, unpolished, unrefined

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vulgar /ˈvʌlɡə $ -ər/ adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: vulgaris, from volgus, vulgus 'common people']

1. remarks, jokes etc that are vulgar deal with sex in a very rude and offensive way

2. not behaving politely in social situations Synonym : uncouth:
vulgar behaviour

3. not showing good judgment about what is beautiful or suitable:
a vulgar check suit
—vulgarly adverb

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