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wandering ppl adjective. ['wɒnd(ǝ)rɪŋ]
wandering verbal noun. ['wɒnd(ǝ)rɪŋ]

سرگردان ، سرگردانی
Synonyms: nomadic, itinerant, migratory, peripatetic, rootless, roving, travelling, vagrant, wayfaring

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wandering ppl adjective. ['wɒnd(ǝ)rɪŋ] OE.
[formed as WANDERER + -ING2.]
1. Of a person or animal: travelling from place to place without a fixed route or destination, aimlessly roaming, vagrant. OE.
b. Nomadic, migratory. LME.

2. a. Of the mind, thoughts, etc.: passing randomly from one subject to another, vague, restless. LME.
b. Of a celestial body, esp. a planet: not fixed, having a separate individual motion. E16.
c. Of a road, river, etc.: lying in an irregularly bending line, winding, meandering. M16.
d. Of a thing: travelling or carried along in an uncertain or frequently changing direction; moving to and fro. L16.
e. Of the eyes: roving, turning this way and that. L16.
f. Of a plant: sending out long tendrils, runners, or trailing shoots. Cf. wandering Jew (c), wandering sailor below. L16.
g. Medicine & Physiology. Of a disease, pain, cell, etc.: moving randomly from one part of the body to another. L16.
h. Medicine. Of an organ etc.: too loosely fixed in place; abnormally movable. L19.

3. Of a journey, life, etc.: characterized by wandering. L16.

4. Deviating or straying from the right path or a fixed course; fig. (of a person) erring, disloyal. E17.
Special collocations: wandering cell History of Science an amoeboid cell. wandering fire will-o'-the-wisp. wandering hands colloq. (freq. joc.) a tendency on the part of a man to fondle female colleagues or acquaintances uninvited. wandering Jew (a) (with the) in medieval legend, a man who insulted Jesus on the day of the Crucifixion and was condemned to roam the world until the Day of Judgement; (b) fig. any person who indulges in restless and unprofitable travelling from place to place; (c) any of various creeping or trailing plants; esp. any of several spiderworts, Tradescantia albiflora, T. fluminensis, and T. zonata, grown as house-plants. wandering nerve = VAGUS. wandering sailor (a) ivy-leaved toadflax, Cymbalaria muralis; (b) creeping Jenny, Lysimachia nummularia. wandering star (now arch. & literary) a planet.

wanderingly adverb M16.

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wandering verbal noun. ['wɒnd(ǝ)rɪŋ] LME.
[formed as WANDERER + -ING1.]
1. a. Travelling from place to place without a fixed route or destination; aimless roaming. Also, an instance of this (freq. in pl.). LME.
b. The process of a person's mind or thoughts passing from one subject to another. LME.
c. Devious or erratic movement from place to place; irregular turning (esp. of the eyes) this way and that. E19.
polar wandering: see POLAR adjective.

2. Deviation from one's intended path; straying. E18.

3. Mental illness, delirium; (in pl.) incoherent ramblings. M19.

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