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warm /wɔːm $ wɔːrm/ adjective

با حرارت ، غیور ، خونگرم ، صمیمی ، گرم کردن ، گرم شدن

: warm 1

گرم کردن ، گرم شدن

: warm 2

باحرارت ، غیور ، خون گرم ، صمیمی ، صمیمانه ، قلبی ، با محبت ، دشوار ، ناگوار
- heated, balmy, lukewarm, pleasant, sunny, tepid, thermal
- affectionate, amorous, cordial, friendly, hospitable, kindly, loving, tender
- heat, heat up, melt, thaw, warm up
Antonyms: cool, austere
Related Words: ardent, fervent, passionate, affable, cordial, gracious, heartfelt, hearty, sincere, wholehearted
English Thesaurus: friendly, warm, nice, amiable, welcoming, ...

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I. warm1 S2 W2 /wɔːm $ wɔːrm/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: warmth, the warm, warmer, warming; adverb: warmly, warm; adjective: warm, warming; verb: warm]
[Language: Old English; Origin: wearm]

1. BE WARM slightly hot, especially in a pleasant way Antonym : coolwarmth:
The house was lovely and warm.
I hope we get some warm weather soon.
I’ve put your dinner in the oven to keep it warm.
warm water

2. FEEL WARM if you are warm, your body is at a comfortable temperature:
Are you warm enough?
keep/stay warm (=wear enough clothes not to feel cold)
Make sure you keep warm!
You’ll be as warm as toast in that sleeping bag.

3. CLOTHES/BUILDINGS clothes or buildings that are warm can keep in heat or keep out cold:
Here, put on your nice warm coat.

4. FRIENDLY friendly or making someone feel comfortable and relaxed:
a warm, reassuring smile
Please give a warm welcome to our special guest.
a warm glow of satisfaction
The Hungarian people are warm and friendly.

5. COLOUR warm colours contain the colours red, yellow, and orange, which make you feel comfortable and happy Antonym : cool

6. CORRECT [not before noun] used especially in games to say that someone is near to guessing the correct answer or finding a hidden object Antonym : cold:
You’re getting warmer.
—warmness noun [uncountable]

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II. warm2 (also warm up) verb [intransitive and transitive]
[Word Family: noun: warmth, the warm, warmer, warming; adverb: warmly, warm; adjective: warm, warming; verb: warm]
to make someone or something warm or warmer, or to become warm or warmer:
They gathered round the fire to warm their hands.
warm yourself
Warm yourself by the fire.
warm to somebody/something (also warm up to somebody/something American English) phrasal verb

1. to begin to like someone you have just met:
Bruce didn’t warm to him as he had to Casey.

2. to become more eager, interested, or excited about something
warm to a theme/subject/topic etc
The more she spoke, the more she warmed to her subject.
Voters are starting to warm up to the idea.
warm up phrasal verb

1. MAKE WARM to become warm, or to make someone or something warm:
With the fire on, the room should soon warm up.
Once the weather warms up, you can move the plants outdoors.
warm something ↔ up
I turned on the grill to warm it up.
warm somebody up
Come inside and have a drink. It’ll warm you up.

2. FOOD to heat food, especially food that has already been cooked, so that it is hot enough to eat, or to become hot enough to eat
warm something ↔ up
I’ll put the lasagne in the oven to warm it up.

3. DO EXERCISES to do gentle physical exercises to prepare your body for dancing, sport etc:
The runners began warming up.warm-up1(1), warm-up2(2)

4. MACHINE/ENGINE if a machine or engine warms up, or if you warm it up, it becomes ready to work properly after being switched on:
He waited for the photocopier to warm up.
warm something ↔ up
He started to warm up the aircraft’s engines.

5. EVENT if a party, election etc warms up, it starts to become enjoyable or interesting, especially because more is happening:
The race for governor is beginning to warm up.

6. PRACTISE if musicians, singers, or performers warm up, they practise just before a performance:
The band had little time to warm up before going on stage.

7. PERFORM/SPEAK FIRST to perform or speak first at an event, so that the people listening are relaxed or excited before the main singer, speaker etc comes on
warm somebody ↔ up
He warmed up the audience by telling them a few jokes.
warm up for
They warmed up for U2 on one of their early tours.
look/feel like death warmed up/over at death(8)

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III. warm3 noun
the warm British English a place that is warm Antonym : the cold:
Come into the warm!

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IV. warm4 adverb
[Word Family: noun: warmth, the warm, warmer, warming; adverb: warmly, warm; adjective: warm, warming; verb: warm]
wrap up warm to put on enough clothes so that you do not feel cold

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I. at a fairly high temperature
VERBS be, feel, look | get, grow How can we get warm? She felt her face grow warm at his remarks.
keep, stay She tries to keep warm by sitting right next to the fire. The bread should stay warm for at least half an hour.
keep sb/sth These will keep your feet warm.
serve sth Bake for 15 minutes and serve warm with Greek yogurt.
ADV. exceptionally, extremely, particularly, really, very | almost It was a mild day, almost warm.
just Add the soured cream and cook, stirring, until just warm.
faintly, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively, slightly | enough, sufficiently Are you sure you'll be warm enough dressed like that?
beautifully, blissfully, comfortably, deliciously, pleasantly, wonderfully sliding further down into the blissfully warm bed
uncomfortably The room seemed uncomfortably warm.
surprisingly | unseasonably, unusually The night air was soft and unseasonably warm.
PHRASES nice (and) warm Come and have a nice warm drink by the fire. That jacket looks nice and warm.

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II. friendly
VERBS be, sound | become
ADV. exceptionally, extremely, immensely, marvellously, really, very an immensely warm and friendly person
genuinely | surprisingly

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ADV. thoroughly | gently | gradually, slowly | rapidly, soon We soon warmed up in front of the fire.
suddenly His voice suddenly warmed.
through, up Return the bowl to the heat to warm through.

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