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washout /ˈwɒʃ-aʊt $ ˈwɒːʃ-, ˈwɑːʃ-/ noun [countable]

ورزش: باقی گذاشتن میله های 1 و 2 و0 1برای راست دست و 1 و 3 و 7 برای چپ دست
Synonyms: failure, disappointment, disaster, dud (informal), fiasco, flop (informal)
English Thesaurus: failure, flop, disaster, fiasco, debacle, ...

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washout /ˈwɒʃ-aʊt $ ˈwɒːʃ-, ˈwɑːʃ-/ noun [countable] informal

1. a failure:
The picnic was a total washout – nobody turned up!

2. an occasion when heavy rain causes damage or stops an event from happening
wash out at wash1

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n. A dismal failure.
As far as investments were concerned, Dick and his precious advice turned out to he a total washout.

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