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wean /wiːn/ verb [transitive]

از پستان گرفتن ، از شیر مادر گرفتن
Synonyms: estrange, alien, alienate, disaffect, disunify, disunite
Antonyms: addict

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wean /wiːn/ verb [transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: wenian]
to gradually stop feeding a baby or young animal on its mother’s milk and start giving it ordinary food
wean somebody onto something
It’s time to start weaning her onto solid foods.
wean somebody off/from something phrasal verb
to make someone gradually stop doing something you disapprove of:
advice on how to wean yourself off nicotine
be weaned on something phrasal verb
to be influenced by something from a very early age:
I was weaned on a diet of Hollywood fantasy.

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ADV. gradually
VERB + WEAN attempt to, try to
PREP. (away) from trying to wean her away from gambling
off They have gradually weaned him off the drugs.
onto weaning a baby onto solid food

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