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weighty /ˈweɪti/ adjective

سنگین ، وزین ، موثر ، سنجیده ، با نفوذ ، پربار
- important, consequential, crucial, grave, momentous, portentous, serious, significant, solemn
- heavy, burdensome, cumbersome, hefty (informal), massive, ponderous
Antonyms: weightless

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weighty /ˈweɪti/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: overweightunderweight, weighted, weighty, weightless; verb: weigh, outweigh, weight; noun: weight, weights, weighting]

1. important and serious:
She didn’t feel like discussing weighty matters.

2. literary heavy:
a weighty tome (=a big and heavy book)

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