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wile noun. [wʌɪl] Now usu. in pl.
wile verb. [wʌɪl]

حیله ، فریب ، خدعه ، تزویر ، مکر ، تلبیس ، بطمع انداختن ، فریفتن ، اغوا کردن
Synonyms: trick, artifice, device, feint, gambit, gimmick, maneuver, ploy, ruse, stratagem
Synonyms: attract, allure, bewitch, captivate, charm, draw, enchant, fascinate, magnetize, take, while, beguile, fleet
Contrasted words: candor, frankness, openness, plain dealing, straightforwardness, unconstraint, artlessness, naturalness, sincerity
Related Words: chicane, chicanery, trickery, cunning, deceit, dissimulation, guile

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wile (wīl)
A stratagem or trick intended to deceive or ensnare.
A disarming or seductive manner, device, or procedure:
the wiles of a skilled negotiator.
Trickery; cunning.
tr.v. wiled, wil·ing, wiles
To influence or lead by means of wiles; entice.
To pass (time) agreeably:
wile away a Sunday afternoon.

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[Middle English wil, from Old North French, from Old Norse vēl, trick, or of Low German origin.]
Synonyms: wile, artifice, trick, ruse, feint, stratagem, maneuver, dodge
These nouns denote means for achieving an end by indirection or deviousness. Wile suggests deceiving and entrapping a victim by playing on his or her weak points: “He did not fail to see/His uncle's cunning wiles and treachery” (William Morris). Artifice refers to something especially contrived to create a desired effect: “Should the public forgive artifices used to avoid military service?” (Godfrey Sperling). Trick implies willful deception: “The... boys... had all sorts of tricks to prevent us from winning” (W.H. Hudson). Ruse stresses the creation of a false impression:
Your pretended deafness was a ruse to enable you to learn our plans, wasn't it? Feint denotes a deceptive act calculated to distract attention from one's real purpose:
One person bumped into me as a feint while the other stole my wallet. Stratagem implies carefully planned deception used to achieve an objective:
The manager used ruthless stratagems to win the promotion. Maneuver often applies to a single strategic move: “To this day they always speak of that Reform Bill as if it had been a dishonest maneuver” (The Standard). Dodge stresses shifty and ingenious deception: “‘It was all false, of course?’ ‘All, sir,’ replied Mr. Weller, ‘... artful dodge’” (Charles Dickens).

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