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witty /ˈwɪti/ adjective

بذله گو ، لطیفه گو ، شوخ ، لطیفه دار ، کنایه دار
Synonyms: humorous, amusing, clever, droll, funny, piquant, sparkling, waggish, whimsical
Antonyms: unwitty
Contrasted words: foolish, senseless, silly, brash, cheeky, fresh, earnest, serious, sober, solemn
Related Words: amusing, diverting, entertaining, scintillating, sparkling, penetrating, piercing, probing, funny, ridiculous, risible
English Thesaurus: funny, amusing, humorous, witty, hilarious, ...

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witty /ˈwɪti/ adjective
using words in a clever and amusing way:
witty remarks
Laura’s very witty.
—wittily adverb
—wittiness noun [uncountable]

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