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wound /waʊnd/
wound /wuːnd/ noun [countable]
wound verb [transitive]

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {wind}

جرح (با(the ، پیچیده شدن ، زخمی کردن ، پیچانده ، پیچ خورده ، کوک شده ، رزوه شدهvt.& vi.) . ، ) n.زخم ، جراحت ، جریحه ، مجروح کردن ، زخم زدن ، قانون ـ فقه: جرح ، علوم نظامی: مجروح کردن
پزشکی: زخم

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- injury, cut, gash, hurt, laceration, lesion, trauma (Pathology)
- insult, offence, slight
- injure, cut, gash, hurt, lacerate, pierce, wing
- offend, annoy, cut (someone) to the quick, hurt, mortify, sting
English Thesaurus: break, smash, snap, split, fracture, ...

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I. wound1 /waʊnd/
the past tense and past participle of wind2

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II. wound2 /wuːnd/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: wund]

1. an injury to your body that is made by a weapon such as a knife or a bullet:
A nurse cleaned and bandaged the wound.
It took several months for his wounds to heal.
suffer/receive a wound
Several of the victims suffered severe stab wounds.
head/leg etc wound
He was treated in hospital for head wounds.
stab/knife/gunshot wound
He died of gunshot wounds.
The doctor said it was only a flesh wound (=one that does not cut the skin very deeply).
a gaping wound (=one that is wide and open) on his thigh

2. a feeling of emotional or mental pain that you get when someone says or does something unpleasant to you:
It will take much longer for the mental wounds to heal.

3. open old wounds to remind someone of unpleasant things that happened in the past
lick your wounds at lick1(6), ⇒ rub salt into the wound at rub1(6)

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III. wound3 W3 verb [transitive]

1. to injure someone with a knife, gun etc:
Gunmen killed two people and wounded six others in an attack today.
be badly/seriously/critically etc wounded
Five people were killed and many others were seriously wounded in the attack.
be mortally/fatally wounded (=be wounded so badly that you die)

2. to make someone feel unhappy or upset Synonym : hurt:
I was deeply wounded by his comments.
He made some very wounding remarks.

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ADJ. bad, deep, serious | flesh Despite the large amount of blood, it was only a flesh wound.
gaping, open | clean | face, head, leg, etc. | bullet, gunshot, knife, stab | entry, exit The exit wound made by the bullet was much larger than the entry wound.
old | war His old war wounds still ached in certain weathers.
VERB + WOUND inflict | receive, suffer | examine, probe | clean, dress
WOUND + VERB close | heal It was a clean wound, and it healed quickly.
WOUND + NOUN care, healing
PREP. ~ in He had deep wounds in his chest.
~ to He died of gunshot wounds to the head.

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I. injure sb's body
ADV. badly, critically, gravely, grievously, seriously, severely | fatally, mortally She was fatally wounded in a car crash.
PREP. in One reporter was wounded in the leg.
PHRASES the walking wounded (= people who have been wounded, but not so badly that they cannot walk)

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II. hurt sb's feelings
ADV. deeply She was deeply wounded by his remarks.

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He was taken to Broomfield Hospital with serious head wounds.
Surgeons had to put three stitches in a deep wound in his shoulder.
His wounds, luckily, were minor.
a head/leg etc wound
The victim died of chest wounds.
a stab/knife wound
Her body was found with 37 stab wounds at her home in William Street.
a gunshot/bullet wound
Deaths from gunshot wounds have soared in this part of London.
a war wound
He walked with a limp, the result of an old war wound.
a flesh wound (=one that does not injure bones or parts inside the body)
It’s only a flesh wound and will heal in ten days or so.
an open wound (=one where the skin has not yet healed)
Sports players should not continue to play with open wounds.
a gaping wound (=one that is wide and open)
Blood spurted from his gaping wounds.
the entry/exit wound (=where a bullet enters or leaves someone’s body)
The exit wound was only slightly larger than the entry wound.
suffer/receive a wound
The victim had suffered multiple wounds to his back and stomach.
inflict a wound
These fish can inflict serious wounds.
dress a wound (=clean it and cover it with cloth)
The nurse dressed my wound.
clean/bathe a wound
She finished cleaning the wound and began bandaging the arm.
a wound heals
The wound is healing nicely.

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BAD: Only the driver was wounded in the accident.
GOOD: Only the driver was injured/hurt in the accident.

Usage Note:
See note at DAMAGE 1 (damage)

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