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wrangle /ˈræŋɡəl/ noun [countable]

داد و بیداد کردن ، مشاجره کردن ، نزاع کردن ، داد و بیداد ، مشاجره ، نزاع ، گرد اوری وراندن احشام
- argue, bicker, contend, disagree, dispute, fight, quarrel, row, squabble
- argument, altercation, bickering, dispute, quarrel, row, squabble, tiff

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I. wrangle1 /ˈræŋɡəl/ noun [countable]
a long and complicated argument Synonym : battle
wrangle over
a bitter wrangle over copyright
wrangle with
He was involved in a long legal wrangle with his employers.

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II. wrangle2 verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Perhaps from Low German wrangeln 'to fight, make a disturbance']
[intransitive] to argue with someone angrily for a long time
wrangle over/about
They are still wrangling over ownership of the house.
wrangle with
The various government departments are wrangling with each other.

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ADJ. bitter | complex | legal
VERB + WRANGLE be involved in, get into, have
WRANGLE + VERB ensue | continue, go on The legal wrangle continues.
PREP. in a/the ~ The two countries fell out in a bitter wrangle over imports.
~ between The wrangle between the school and the local council has gone on for two years.
~ over, ~ with I don't want to get into a wrangle with the committee.

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