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yours /jɔːz $ jɔːrz/ pronoun [possessive form of ‘you’]

مال شما ، مال خود شما (ضمیر ملکی)
yours S1 W3 /jɔːz $ jɔːrz/ pronoun [possessive form of ‘you’]

1. used when speaking or writing to one or more people to refer to something that belongs to them or is connected with them:
This is our room, and yours is just across the hall.
A lot of people have money problems, but yours are more serious than most people’s.
A cash prize of £10,000 or a new car – the choice is yours.
something of yours
Is Maria a friend of yours?
That bag of yours weighs a ton.
I’ve read that book of yours.

2. be yours for the taking/asking if something desirable is yours for the taking or asking, you can easily obtain it:
If you want the job, it’s yours for the asking.

3. Yours faithfully British English used to end a formal letter that begins ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’

4. Yours truly/Yours (also Yours sincerely British English, Sincerely yours American English) used to end a letter that begins with the title and name of the person you are writing to, for example ‘Dear Mr. Graves’

5. Yours truly informal used humorously to mean ‘I’ or ‘me’:
They all went out, leaving yours truly to clear up the mess.
up yours at up1(30)

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BAD: Dear Mary ... Yours faithfully ...
GOOD: Dear Mary ... Yours/With love/With best wishes ...
BAD: Dear John, ... Yours sincerely ...
GOOD: Dear John, ... Yours/With love/With best wishes ...

Usage Note:
Yours faithfully and Yours sincerely are used only in formal letters.
At the end of a letter to a friend or relative, use Yours, With love, With best wishes, etc.

BAD: Dear Sir, ... Yours,
GOOD: Dear Sir, ... Yours faithfully,

Usage Note:
When a formal letter begins with Dear Sir or Dear Madam , it usually ends with Yours faithfully .

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