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youthful /ˈjuːθfəl/ adjective

دارای نیروی شباب ، جوان ، باطراوت
Synonyms: young, boyish, childish, girlish, immature, inexperienced, juvenile
Antonyms: aged, elderly
Contrasted words: adult, matured
Related Words: beardless, boyish, puerile, maiden, virgin, virginal
English Thesaurus: young, small/little, teenage, adolescent, juvenile, ...

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youthful /ˈjuːθfəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: young, youngster, youth, youthfulness; adjective: young, youthful; adverb: youthfully]

1. typical of young people, or seeming young
youthful enthusiasm/energy/vigour
youthful appearance/looks/complexion
She has managed to maintain her youthful appearance.

2. young:
The photo shows a smiling, youthful Burgos.
—youthfully adverb
—youthfulness noun [uncountable]

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