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clothes /kləʊðz, kləʊz $ kloʊðz, kloʊz/ noun [plural]

جامه لباس، ملبوس، رخت
ارسال ایمیل
[plural noun]
clothing, apparel, attire, costume, dress, garb, garments, gear (informal), outfit, wardrobe, wear
Related Words: array, garb, toggery, vestments, vesture, costume, getup, outfit, rig
English Thesaurus: clothes, clothing, garment, dress, wear, ...

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clothes S2 W2 /kləʊðz, kləʊz $ kloʊðz, kloʊz/ noun [plural]
[Word Family: noun: clothes, clothing; verb: clothe; adjective: clothed ≠ unclothed]
[Language: Old English; Origin: clathas, plural of clath; cloth]
the things that people wear to cover their body or keep warm:
What sort of clothes was he wearing?
I showered and put on clean clothes.
He was still in his work clothes.
a clothes shopa change of clothes at change2(6), ⇒ plain-clothes
Clothes is a plural noun and has no singular form:
He needed some new clothes (NOT a new clothe/clothes).

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ADJ. beautiful, elegant, fancy, fine, lovely, nice, pretty | cheap, expensive | clean, fresh | dirty, dishevelled, ragged, shabby, soiled | tight | baggy, ill-fitting, loose, sloppy | designer, fashionable, trendy | dowdy, nerdy, old-fashioned | second-hand | comfortable, sensible | best, evening, formal, smart He wore his best clothes to the interview.
casual, everyday, ordinary | outrageous, strange, wacky | warm | summer, winter | outdoor, outer | baby, maternity, mourning, night, riding, school, sports, work, working | civilian, plain an officer in plain clothes (= not in uniform)
QUANT. set, suit I'm going to take a set of clean clothes with me. a new suit of clothes for the baby
VERB + CLOTHES put (back) on | remove | change Aren't you going to change your clothes for the party?
make | dry, iron, mend, wash
CLOTHES + NOUN shop | designer | basket | sense
PREP. in ~ She didn't recognize him in his sloppy everyday clothes.
PHRASES a change of clothes

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wear clothes
She always wears beautiful clothes.
be dressed in … clothes
The man was dressed in ordinary clothes.
put your clothes on
I told him to get up and put some clothes on.
take off/remove your clothes
She took off her clothes and slipped into bed.
change your clothes
I usually change my clothes as soon as I get home from work.
a change of clothes
He only took a small bag with a change of clothes.
warm clothes
If you’re walking in the mountains, take plenty of warm clothes.
casual clothes
Most people feel more comfortable in casual clothes.
evening clothes
I don’t often have a chance to wear formal evening clothes.
designer clothes (=made by a well-known designer)
She spends hundreds of pounds on designer clothes.
sb’s best clothes
They wore their best clothes for the photograph.
formal clothes
It’s best to wear formal clothes for an interview.
school/work clothes
Work clothes tend to be black, blue, or grey.
sports clothes
Lou was wearing sports clothes and sunglasses.
ordinary/everyday clothes
Everyone else was wearing ordinary clothes.
civilian clothes (=ordinary clothes rather than a military uniform)
a US army lieutenant in civilian clothes
baby clothes
a shop for baby clothes
maternity clothes (=for women who are having a baby)
winter/summer clothes
The shops are already full of winter clothes.
plain clothes (=ordinary clothes that the police wear in order not to be recognized)
He was arrested by officers in plain clothes.
clean clothes
I had no clean clothes.
dry clothes
You’d better change into dry clothes or you’ll get cold.
fashionable/trendy clothes
The club was full of beautiful people wearing trendy clothes.
Italian people are often admired for their elegant clothes.
I decided to throw out all my old-fashioned clothes.
smart British English
Do you have to wear smart clothes to work?
scruffy (=dirty and untidy)
She was poor and dressed in scruffy clothes.
second-hand clothes (=not new)
Charity shops sell second-hand clothes at low prices.
dowdy (=unfashionable and unattractive)
Dowdy clothes make you have less confidence in yourself.

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BAD: The dancers were dressed in their national clothes.
GOOD: The dancers were dressed in their national costume.

Usage Note:
costume = (1) (countable) a set of clothes worn during a performance by an actor, clown, etc: 'She used to work for a theatre company, designing and making costumes.' (2) (uncountable) a set of clothes that are typical of a particular country or historical period: 'The castle guides were dressed up in Elizabethan costume.' 'A group of Hungarian folk dancers came on stage, all wearing national costume.'

BAD: Don't go out and buy a special clothes.
GOOD: Don't go out and buy any special clothes.

Usage Note:
Clothes is a plural noun: 'I need some new clothes.' (NOT 'a new clothes')

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See: best bib and tucker or sunday-go-to-meeting clothes

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