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clothe /kləʊð $ kloʊð/ verb [transitive usually passive]

Irregular Forms: (clad)

پوشاندن ، اراستن
Synonyms: dress, array, attire, cover, drape, equip, fit out, garb, robe, swathe
Antonyms: unclothe
Contrasted words: dismantle, divest, strip
Related Words: costume, do up, dress up, tog (up or out), cloak, mantle, robe, accouter, equip, outfit, rig (out), bedrape, drape, swathe, endue, invest

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clothe /kləʊð $ kloʊð/ verb [transitive usually passive]
[Word Family: noun: clothes, clothing; verb: clothe; adjective: clothed ≠ unclothed]
[Language: Old English; Origin: clathian, from clath; cloth]

1. formal to put clothes on your body Synonym : dress
be clothed in something
The King was clothed in a purple gown.
fully/partially/scantily etc clothed
The children lay on the bed, fully clothed and fast asleep.

2. to provide clothes for yourself or other people:
They could barely keep the family fed and clothed.

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