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abhorrent /əbˈhɒrənt $ -ˈhɔːr-/ adjective

متنفر ، منزجر ، بیمناک ، ناسازگار ، مکروه ، زشت ، شنیع ، مغایر
Synonyms: hateful, abominable, disgusting, distasteful, hated, horrid, loathsome, offensive, repulsive
Antonyms: admirable, congenial
Contrasted words: alluring, attractive, captivating, enticing, seductive, tempting
Related Words: antipathetic, uncongenial, unsympathetic

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abhorrent /əbˈhɒrənt $ -ˈhɔːr-/ adjective
something that is abhorrent is completely unacceptable because it seems morally wrong Synonym : repugnant
abhorrent to
The practice of killing animals for food is utterly abhorrent to me.

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VERBS be | become | find sth
ADV. totally, utterly I find the idea totally abhorrent.
PREP. to Such a savage punishment is abhorrent to a civilized society.

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