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absolve /əbˈzɒlv $ -ɑːlv/ verb [transitive]

بخشیدن (گناه) ، امرزیدن ، عفو کردن ، کسی را از گناه بری کردن ، اعلام بی تقصیری کردن ، بری الذمه کردن ، کسی را ازانجام تعهدی معاف ساختن ، پاک کردن ، مبرا کردن
Synonyms: forgive, deliver, exculpate, excuse, let off, pardon, release, set free
Antonyms: charge (with), hold (to)
Contrasted words: condemn, doom, sentence, chasten, discipline, punish
Related Words: discharge, free, release

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absolve /əbˈzɒlv $ -ɑːlv/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: absolvere, from ab- 'away' + solvere 'to loosen']

1. to say publicly that someone is not guilty or responsible for something
absolve somebody from/of something
He cannot be absolved of all responsibility for the accident.

2. [often passive] if someone is absolved by the Christian Church or a priest for something they have done wrong, they are formally forgiven ⇒ absolution

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