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accepted /əkˈseptəd, əkˈseptɪd/ adjective

پذیرفته ، مقبول
Synonyms: agreed, acknowledged, approved, common, conventional, customary, established, normal, recognized, traditional
Contrasted words: irregular, questionable, unacceptable, unconventional, incongruent, unconformable, unorthodox
Related Idioms: according to custom (or use)
Related Words: conventional, established, recognized, correct, orthodox, proper, right

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accepted /əkˈseptəd, əkˈseptɪd/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: acceptableunacceptable, accepted; verb: accept; noun: acceptance; adverb: acceptablyunacceptably]
considered right or suitable by most people:
Having more than one wife is a normal and accepted practice in some countries.
generally/widely/universally etc accepted
generally accepted principles of fairness and justice

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