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access /ˈækses/ noun [uncountable]

اضافی ، دستیابی ، در دسترس بودن ، دست یابی ، تقریب ، اجازه دخول ، راه دسترس ، مدخل ، وسیله حصول ، افزایش ، الحاق ، اضافه ، (طب) بروز مرض ، حمله ، اصابت ، (حق). دسترسی یا مجال مقاربت ، (در مسیحیت) تقرب به خدا ، علوم مهندسی: دسترسی ، کامپیوتر: دسترسی ، عمران: دسترس ، معماری: کومکی ، علوم نظامی: راه رسیدن به راه وصول
الکترونیک: دستیابی ، دسترسی ، کامپیوتر: اضافی ، دسترسی ، علوم مهندسی: دسترسی ، دسترس ، دستیابی ، کومکی ، معماری: دسترسی ، در دسترس بودن ، راه رسیدن به راه وصول ، علوم نظامی: دسترس ، عمران: دست یابی ، دسترس ، دسترسی ، راه ، تقریب ، اجازه دخول ، راه دسترس ، مدخل ، وسیله حصول ، افزایش ، الحاق ، اضافه ،( طب )بروز مرض ، حمله ، اصابت ،( حق ).دسترسی یا مجال مقاربت ،( در مسیحیت )تقرب به خدا کامپیوتر: دستیابی کامپیوتر: دستیابی پزشکی: بروز بیماری

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Synonyms: entrance, admission, admittance, approach, entry, passage, path, road
Antonyms: egress, outlet
Contrasted words: departure, retreat, withdrawal
Related Words: onset, taking, pang, stitch, twinge, passage, route

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Access trademark
a former type of credit card in the UK which is now known as Mastercard

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I. access1 S2 W1 AC /ˈækses/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: access, accessibilityinaccessibility; verb: access; adverb: accessiblyinaccessibly; adjective: accessibleinaccessible]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: acces 'arrival', from Latin accessus 'approach', from accedere; accede]

1. the right to enter a place, use something, see someone etc
access to
Access to the papers is restricted to senior management.
Cats should always have access to fresh, clean water.

2. how easy or difficult it is for people to enter a public building, to reach a place, or talk to someone
access for
We’re trying to improve access for disabled visitors.
access to
a villa with easy access to the sea

3. the way you use to enter a building or reach a place:
Access is by means of a small door on the right.
access to
Access to the restrooms is through the foyer.

4. have access to a car/a computer etc to have a car, a computer etc that you can use

5. British English the legal right to see and spend time with your children, a prisoner, an official etc:
My ex-husband has access to the children once a week.

6. gain/get access (to something) to succeed in entering a place or in seeing someone or something:
The police managed to gain access through an upstairs window.

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II. access2 AC verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: access, accessibilityinaccessibility; verb: access; adverb: accessiblyinaccessibly; adjective: accessibleinaccessible]
to find information, especially on a computer:
Users can access their voice mail remotely.

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ADJ. direct, easy, free, good, ready, unlimited, unrestricted I lived deep in the country, without easy access to shops.
limited, poor, restricted Access to this information is severely restricted.
improved | immediate, instant, quick, rapid | equal Men and women should have equal access to education and employment.
public | vehicular, wheelchair | random (computing) random access memory
VERB + ACCESS have | gain, get | give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) The new computer provides access to all the files.
demand | seek | allow (sb), grant (sb) | deny sb, prevent, refuse (sb), restrict Some people are being denied access to proper medical care.
ACCESS + NOUN road, route
PREP. ~ for improved access for disabled visitors
~ to He was finally granted access to the medical records.

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BAD: Computers give us an easier access to information.
GOOD: Computers give us easier access to information.

Usage Note:
Access is an uncountable noun: 'The entrance has been widened to provide easier access for disabled people.' 'They have no right to refuse us access to the files.'

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