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accusation /ˌækjəˈzeɪʃən, ˌækjʊˈzeɪʃən/ noun [countable]

(حق) تهمت ، اتهام ، قانون ـ فقه: تهمت
Synonyms: charge, allegation, complaint, denunciation, incrimination, indictment, recrimination
English Thesaurus: accusation, allegation, charge, indictmen

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accusation /ˌækjəˈzeɪʃən, ˌækjʊˈzeɪʃən/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: accusation, the accused, accuser; verb: accuse; adverb: accusingly; adjective: accusing]
a statement saying that someone is guilty of a crime or of doing something wrong
accusation against
A number of serious accusations have been made against her.
The main accusation levelled against him was that he tried to avoid military service.
accusation of
His administration now faces accusations of corruption.
accusation that
The organizers of the march strongly denied government accusations that they intended to cause trouble.
Burton’s enemies had made false accusations against him.
She’s made all sorts of wild accusations against me in the past.
They fled the country, amid accusations of corruption.

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ADJ. serious | false, groundless, unfounded, unjust, wild | bitter | mutual They sank into mutual accusation and incrimination.
public | veiled She made a lot of thinly veiled accusations.
renewed, repeated
VERB + ACCUSATION level at, make an accusation frequently levelled at junior doctors
face Their father now faces an accusation of murder.
deny, dismiss, refute, reject | prove, support New evidence has emerged which supports the accusation against her.
ACCUSATION + VERB fly about/around There seem to be a lot of wild accusations flying around.
PREP. amid ~s He fled the country amid accusations of fraud.
~ against You made a public accusation of misconduct against Nigel.
PHRASES bring an accusation against sb She rejected all the accusations brought against her.

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make an accusation
You’ve made a lot of accusations but you haven’t got any evidence.
bring an accusation against somebody
The accusations against him were brought by two 18-year-old women.
level an accusation against/at somebody (=bring an accusation against someone)
As a result, some outrageous accusations were levelled at her.
face an accusation (=have an accusation made about you)
The police faced accusations of using excessive force.
deny/dismiss an accusation
The government denied accusations of corruption.
prove/support an accusation
There were very few facts to support the accusation against him.
These are very serious accusations indeed.
There were a lot of false accusations throughout the trial.
unfounded/groundless (=not based on facts or reason)
The accusation is totally unfounded.
The embassy denied what it called groundless accusations about its involvement in the attack.
outrageous (=shocking and extremely unfair )
He was drunk and his accusations were becoming more and more outrageous.
a wild accusation (=with no evidence to support it)
She’s made all sorts of wild accusations about him, hasn’t she?
bitter accusations (=angry)
The dispute was marked by bitter accusations from both sides.
repeated accusations
Repeated accusations of neglect were made against the authorities.
renewed accusations (=made again, often in a more forceful way)
The government faced renewed accusations of corruption.
further accusations
There were further accusations of incompetence.
amid accusations of something (=surrounded by accusations)
He fled the country amid accusations of fraud.

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