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actor /ˈæktə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

بازیگر (در روانشناسی اجتماعی) ، بازیگر ، هنرپیشه ، (حق). خواهان ، مدعی ، شاکی ، حامی ، روانشناسی: بازیگر
Synonyms: performer, actress, luvvie (informal), player, Thespian
Contrasted words: abettor, backer, patron, promoter
Related Words: mainstay, supporter, sustainer, upholder
English Thesaurus: actor, actress, star, the star, co-star, ...

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actor W3 /ˈæktə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
someone who performs in a play or film
leading/principal actor
She has starred with many leading actors.
character actor (=an actor who takes unusual or interesting roles)

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a good/fine/great actor
He had a reputation as a fine actor.
a well-known/famous actor
I’d really like to be a famous actor.
a professional/amateur actor
It isn’t easy to become a successful professional actor.
the leading/principal actor (=acting the most important part)
Schwarzeneeger was one of Hollywood’s leading actors.
a supporting actor (=acting a part that is not the most important one)
She was awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
a talented/accomplished actor
Jacobsen was one of the most accomplished actors of his generation.
a comic actor
He was a comic actor and he always got a laugh.
a classical actor (=acting parts from important traditional literature)
a drama school that trains classical actors
a movie/film/screen/Hollywood actor
the movie actor Brad Pitt
a stage actor
Most stage actors are very badly paid.
a television/TV actor
For several years he had small parts as a television actor.
a comedy actor
Jason was voted top TV comedy actor.
a character actor (=an actor who is good at unusual or interesting roles)
As a character actor you get interesting parts.

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