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advertisement /ədˈvɜːtəsmənt, ədˈvɜːtɪsmənt $ ˌædvərˈtaɪz-/ noun [countable]

تبلیغات ، اگهی ، اعلان ، خبر ، اگاهی ، بازرگانی: اگهی تبلیغاتی ، اگهی های تجارتی ، تبلیغ
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Synonyms: advert (Brit. informal), ad (informal), announcement, blurb, commercial, notice, plug (informal), poster
Related Words: ballyhoo, promotion, propaganda, publicity
English Thesaurus: advertisement, ad, advert, commercial, trailer, ...

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advertisement S3 /ədˈvɜːtəsmənt, ədˈvɜːtɪsmənt $ ˌædvərˈtaɪz-/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: advertisement, advertiser, advertising; verb: advertise]

1. (also ad informal, advert British English) a picture, set of words, or a short film, which is intended to persuade people to buy a product or use a service, or that gives information about a job that is available, an event that is going to happen etc
advertisement for
The Sunday papers are full of advertisements for cars.
She saw an advertisement for a ski vacation in Vermont.
They put an advertisement in ‘The Morning News’, offering a high salary for the right person.
The organizers of the concert had taken out a full page advertisement in ‘The New York Times’.
Only a handful of people answered the advertisement.

2. be an advertisement for something to be a good example of something or show how effective it can be:
He’s a very good advertisement for the benefits of regular exercise.

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ADJ. good | discreet | misleading | classified, front-page, full-page The classified advertisements are on page 25.
magazine, newspaper, press, television/TV | cigarette, job, etc.
VERB + ADVERTISEMENT place, put, take out We placed advertisements in a number of national newspapers.
carry, display, publish, run, show Television and radio refused to carry advertisements for the record.
find, see, spot | answer, reply to, respond to
ADVERTISEMENT + VERB appear | say sth, show sth, state sth | feature sb/sth
PREP. in a/the ~ A lot of claims are made in the advertisement.
~ for

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a car/holiday/shampoo etc advertisement
a glossy magazine full of car advertisements
a job advertisement
Jo was reading the job advertisements in the newspaper.
a newspaper/magazine advertisement
I got the apartment through a newspaper advertisement.
a television/TV/Internet advertisement
the new TV advertisement for the Volkswagen Golf
a full-page advertisement
The organization took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times.
a pop-up advertisement (=one that suddenly appears on your computer screen when you are looking at a website)
You can buy software that blocks unwanted pop-up advertisements.
put/place an advertisement in a paper/newspaper
I tried putting an advertisement for lodgers in the local paper.
post an advertisement (=put it on a website)
The agency has posted an advertisement on its website for graduates to work overseas.
take out an advertisement (=arrange for an advertisement to be in a newspaper or magazine)
Their record company took out full-page advertisements in the music press to promote the album.
run/carry an advertisement (=print or broadcast an advertisement)
Broadcasters are no longer allowed to run cigarette advertisements.
answer an advertisement
I answered an advertisement in the paper for volunteers.

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BAD: I have just seen your advertisement about a Chinese cook.
GOOD: I have just seen your advertisement for a Chinese cook.
BAD: I am writing in reply to your advertisement of a part-time sales assistant.
GOOD: I am writing in reply to your advertisement for a part-time sales assistant.

Usage Note:
an advertisement for sb/sth : 'an advertisement for Heinz tomato soup'.

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