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aft /ɑːft $ æft/ adjective, adverb

قسمت انتهایی هواپیما ، در پس کشتی ، ورزش: عقب قایق ، علوم هوایی: بطرف عقب هواپیما ، علوم دریایی: - abaft
Synonyms: abaft, astern
Antonyms: fore
Contrasted words: ahead, before, forward
Related Words: hind, posterior

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aft /ɑːft $ æft/ adjective, adverb technical
[Language: Old English; Origin: æftan 'from behind, behind']
in or towards the back part of a boat or aircraft Antonym : fore (2)

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At or towards the rear of a ship.

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