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alliance /əˈlaɪəns/ noun [countable]

پیوستگی ، اتحاد ، وصلت ، پیمان بین دول
کامپیوتر: پیوستگی

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Synonyms: union, affiliation, agreement, association, coalition, combination, confederation, connection, federation, league, marriage, pact, partnership, treaty
Related Words: association, club, order, society

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alliance /əˈlaɪəns/ noun [countable]

1. an arrangement in which two or more countries, groups etc agree to work together to try to change or achieve something
alliance with
Britain’s military alliance with her NATO partners
alliance between
the possibility of a political alliance between the two parties
make/enter into/form/forge an alliance (=agree to work together)
The companies have formed an alliance to market the product.

2. a group of two or more countries, groups etc who work together to achieve something:
independent organizations and alliances

3. in alliance (with somebody/something) if two groups, countries etc are in alliance, they work together to achieve something or protect each another:
Relief workers in alliance with local charities are trying to help the victims.

4. formal a close relationship, especially a marriage, between people
unholy alliance at unholy(1)

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ADJ. broad The organization is a broad alliance of many different groups.
grand | close | powerful, strong | fragile, loose, uneasy a loose alliance of opposition groups The uneasy alliance between such different people just cannot last.
shifting the shifting alliances among the various political groups
formal, informal | strategic, working | unholy an unholy alliance between the Fascists and the Communists
unlikely | temporary | global | defensive, military | electoral, political | class | marriage
VERB + ALLIANCE have They have alliances with other companies.
build (up), create, enter into, forge, form, make, strike up The government has tried to forge alliances with environmentalists.
cement To cement the alliance with England, Charles married Margaret, sister of the English king.
break off They broke off the alliance with Sparta.
PREP. in ~ with The government, in alliance with the army, has decided to ban all public meetings for a month.
~ against old alliances against enemies that no longer exist
~ between an alliance between Britain and France
~ with an alliance with Germany

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a military alliance
NATO has been the most successful military alliance in history.
a political alliance
They agreed not to make any political alliance with the East.
a strategic alliance (=arranged as part of a military, political, or business plan)
Strategic alliances are being forged with major European companies.
an electoral alliance (=made between parties before an election)
The weaker Liberal Democratic party was now considering an electoral alliance with Labour.
shifting alliances (=changing frequently)
the shifting alliances in the Middle East
a strong/close alliance
He forged a strong alliance between his state and the church.
a loose alliance (=not strong)
A loose alliance of opposition groups formed in 1990.
make/form an alliance
In 1902, Japan made an alliance with Britain.
go into/enter into an alliance with somebody
Spain then entered into an alliance with France.
forge an alliance (=develop a new or strong alliance)
They won the election by forging an alliance with the Social Democrats.
break (off) an alliance (=end it)
The Athenians broke off the alliance with Sparta and made alliances with Argos and Thessaly.

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