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ally /ˈælaɪ $ ˈælaɪ, əˈlaɪ/ noun (plural allies) [countable]
ally /əˈlaɪ $ əˈlaɪ,ˈælaɪ/ verb (past tense and past participle allied, present participle allying, third person singular allies)

پیوستن ، متحد کردن ، هم پیمان ، دوست ، معین
- partner, accomplice, associate, collaborator, colleague, friend, helper
- unite, associate, collaborate, combine, join, join forces, unify

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I. ally1 /ˈælaɪ $ ˈælaɪ, əˈlaɪ/ noun (plural allies) [countable]

1. a country that agrees to help or support another country in a war:
a meeting of the European allies

2. the Allies the group of countries including Britain and the US that fought together in the First and Second World Wars

3. someone who helps and supports you when other people are trying to oppose you:
Ridley was one of the Queen’s closest allies.
a staunch ally (=very close ally) of President Soares
a network of political allies
She knew she had found an ally in Ted.

4. something that helps you succeed in a difficult situation:
Exercise is an important ally in your campaign to lose weight.

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II. ally2 /əˈlaɪ $ əˈlaɪ,ˈælaɪ/ verb (past tense and past participle allied, present participle allying, third person singular allies)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: alier, from Latin alligare, from ad- 'to' + ligare 'to tie']
[transitive always +adverb/preposition] to help and support other people or countries, especially in a war or disagreement
ally yourself to/with somebody
Some of the northern cities allied themselves with the emperor.

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ADJ. great, important, powerful, strong | close Charles remained a close ally of the French king.
loyal, reliable, staunch, trusted | natural, useful, valuable | old, traditional Portugal is a traditional ally of England.
erstwhile, former | wartime | potential | European, NATO, Western, etc. | political
VERB + ALLY have Jane felt that she had an ally.
find, gain, get | lose
PREP. ~ against He now had an ally against his boss.
PHRASES find/have an ally in sb She had found an ally in her old teacher.
a friend and ally a friend and ally of the president

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