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alone /əˈləʊn $ əˈloʊn/ adjective [not before noun], adverb

تنها ، یکتا ، فقط ، صرفا ، محضا
Synonyms: by oneself, apart, detached, isolated, lonely, only, on one's tod (slang), separate, single, solitary, unaccompanied
Contrasted words: adjacent, close-by, near-at-hand, nearly, neighboring, nigh, common, commonplace, everyday, ordinary, usual, accustomed, conventional, customary, regular
Related Idioms: off the beaten track, second to none
Related Words: out-of-the-way, private, remote, retired, secluded, withdrawn, inimitable, incomparable, unexcelled, unsurpassed, excellent, good, superior
English Thesaurus: on your own/by yourself, all on your own/all by yourself, alone, independently, unaided, ...

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alone S2 W1 /əˈləʊn $ əˈloʊn/ adjective [not before noun], adverb
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: all one 'wholly one']

1. if you are alone in a place, there is no one with you Synonym : by yourself:
She lives alone.
You shouldn’t leave a child alone in the house.
My wife and I like to spend time alone together away from the kids.

In everyday English, people often say by yourself or on your own rather than alone:
She lives by herself/on her own.

2. without any friends or people you know:
It was scary being all alone in a strange city.
She was all alone in the world (=she had no family or friends to help her or look after her).

3. feeling unhappy and lonely:
I cried like a child because I felt so alone.

4. without any help from other people:
He was left to raise their two children alone.

5. without including anything else:
The case will cost thousands of pounds in legal fees alone.

6. you/he etc alone used to emphasize that there is only one person who knows, can do something etc:
Julie alone knew the truth.

7. go it alone to start working or living on your own, especially after working or living with other people:
After years of working for a big company I decided to go it alone.

8. leave somebody alone (also let somebody alone old-fashioned) to stop annoying or interrupting someone:
‘Leave me alone!’ she screamed.

9. leave something alone (also let something alone old-fashioned) to stop touching an object or changing something:
Leave those cakes alone. They’re for the guests.
leave well (enough) alone (=not change something that is satisfactory)
In economic matters, they should leave well alone.

10. be yours/hers/his etc alone used to emphasize that something belongs to someone:
The responsibility is yours and yours alone.

11. not be alone in (doing) something to not be the only person to do something:
You’re not alone in feeling upset, believe me.

12. stand alone
a) to be strong and independent:
the courage to stand alone
b) to be at a distance from other objects or buildings:
The house stood alone at the end of the road.

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VERBS be, feel, sit, stand These islands are too small to stand alone as independent states.
leave sb, let sb Don't touch me! Leave me alone!
ADV. very much I felt vulnerable and very much alone.
all, completely, entirely, quite Carol felt all alone in the world. He felt lost and completely alone.
together Finally the two of us were alone together.
PREP. with She did not want to be alone with him.

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BAD: I was very alone at first but then I made some friends.
GOOD: I was very lonely at first but then I made some friends.

Usage Note:
alone = without other people around you: 'I've thought about getting married, but I prefer living alone.'
lonely = sad because you are alone and feel that nobody loves you or cares about you: 'I didn't know anyone in Boston and felt very lonely.' 'Sarah hated the long lonely days in the empty house.'

BAD: Children learn a lot by doing things alone.
GOOD: Children learn a lot by doing things on their own.

Usage Note:
on your own = without anyone's help or supervision; independently: 'He built the car all on his own.'

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See: let alone or leave alone , let well enough alone or leave well enough alone

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