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alternative /ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪv $ ɒːlˈtɜːr-, æl-/ adjective
alternative noun [countable]

شق دیگر ، پیشنهاد متناوب ، تناوبی ، دیگر ، چاره
مهندسی صنایع: جایگزین ، پیشنهاد ، چاره دیگر ، گزینه کامپیوتر: تبدیل

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- choice, option, other (of two), preference, recourse, selection, substitute
- different, alternate, another, other, second, substitute
Related Words: equivalent, proxy, replacing, exchangeable, interchangeable, makeshift, provisional, tentative, attainable, contingency, possibility
English Thesaurus: choice, choice of, have a choice, have no choice but to do something, wide choice, ...

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I. alternative1 S2 W2 AC /ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪv $ ɒːlˈtɜːr-, æl-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: alternative; adverb: alternatively; adjective: alternative]

1. [only before noun] an alternative idea, plan etc is different from the one you have and can be used instead
alternative ways/approach/methods etc
alternative approaches to learning
Have you any alternative suggestions?
An alternative route is along the Via Unione.

2. deliberately different from what is usual, expected, or traditional
alternative music/theatre etc
Tucson’s alternative radio station
sources of alternative energy (=energy produced by the sun, wind etc rather than by gas, coal etc)
tolerance of alternative lifestyles
alternative medicine/therapies (=medical treatment that is not based on the usual western methods)
Acupuncture is widely used by practitioners of alternative medicine.
—alternatively adverb:
You can relax on the beach or alternatively try the bustling town centre.

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II. alternative2 S2 W3 AC noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: alternative; adverb: alternatively; adjective: alternative]
something you can choose to do or use instead of something else
alternative to
Is there a viable alternative to the present system?
If payment is not received legal action will be our only alternative.
I had no alternative but to report him to the police.
He quickly assessed what alternatives were open to him.

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ADJ. attractive, constructive, effective, good, radical, useful | acceptable, available, credible, possible, practical, real, realistic, reasonable, satisfactory, serious, suitable, viable Is there a viable alternative to prison?
clear, obvious | cheap, healthy, interesting, safe a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks
VERB + ALTERNATIVE have We have two alternatives.
offer, provide His idea seemed to offer a possible alternative.
seek seeking alternatives to nuclear power
find We'll have to find an alternative.
PREP. ~ for There is no alternative for those with no car of their own.
~ to Is there an alternative to surgery for this complaint?
PHRASES have little/no alternative (but to) She had no alternative but to do as he said.
leave sb with no alternative (but to) He was left with no alternative but to hobble to the nearest telephone box.

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a good/attractive alternative
If you don’t want curtains, blinds are a good alternative.
a possible/acceptable/satisfactory alternative
I’m busy tomorrow but Wednesday is a possible alternative.
a real/serious alternative
Co-operation offers the only real alternative.
a viable alternative (=that can work as successfully)
Hydrogen offers a viable alternative to petrol and diesel.
a practical alternative
This treatment represents a practical alternative to surgery.
a cheap alternative
A take-away is a cheap alternative to eating out.
a safe alternative
Will there ever be a safe alternative to nuclear power?
a healthy alternative
Low-fat biscuits are a healthy alternative to cake.
have an alternative
You have a few alternatives to choose from.
offer/provide an alternative
If your first choice is not available, we always have alternatives to offer.
suggest an alternative
Do you have an alternative you can suggest?
seek an alternative
People are seeking alternatives to meat-based dishes.
find an alternative
The program is directed to finding alternatives to oil and natural gas.
have no/little alternative (but to do something)
He had no alternative but to resign.
leave somebody with no alternative (but to do something)
I was left with no alternative but to seek legal advice.

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