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amazement /əˈmeɪzmənt/ noun [uncountable]

حیرت ، شگفتی ، سرگشتگی ، بهت
Synonyms: astonishment, admiration, bewilderment, confusion, perplexity, shock, surprise, wonder
Related Words: confoundment, surprise

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amazement /əˈmeɪzmənt/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: adjective: amazed, amazing; verb: amaze; noun: amazement; adverb: amazingly]
a feeling of great surprise Synonym : astonishment
do something in amazement
Ralph gasped in amazement.
to sb’s amazement
To everyone’s amazement, the goal was disallowed.

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ADJ. complete, sheer, utter | mock She raised her eyebrows in mock amazement.
PREP. in ~ He stared at the animal in amazement.
to sb's ~ To her amazement she got the job.
with ~ Laura looked around her with amazement.
~ at He expressed amazement at being left out of the match.

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