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amuse /əˈmjuːz/ verb [transitive]

سرگرم کردن ، مشغول کردن ، تفریح دادن ، جذب کردن ، مات و متحیر کردن
Synonyms: entertain, charm, cheer, delight, interest, please, tickle
Contrasted words: fatigue, irk, jade, pall (on), tire, wear (on), weary, bore, ennui
Related Words: absorb, distract, engross, animate, enliven, fleet, quicken, beguile, charm, delight, enchant, fascinate, wile, while

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amuse /əˈmjuːz/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: amuser, from muser; muse1]

1. to make someone laugh or smile:
He made funny faces to amuse the children.
The question seemed to amuse him in some way.
it amuses somebody to do something
It amused me to think back to my life in London.

In everyday English, people usually say they think something is funny rather than say that it amuses them:
The joke really amused them. ➔ They thought the joke was really funny.

2. to make time pass in an enjoyable way, so that you do not get bored Synonym : entertain:
Doing jigsaws would amuse Amy for hours on end.
The kids amused themselves playing hide-and-seek.

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ADV. greatly Her discomfort amused him greatly.
VERB + AMUSE seem to The thought of me on the stage seemed to amuse him.
try to
PREP. with He amused us with his stories.

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BAD: I made a lot of new friends during my stay in England and amused myself a lot.
GOOD: I made a lot of new friends during my stay in England and really enjoyed myself.

Usage Note:
amuse yourself = do something to stop yourself from getting bored: 'Can't you find something to do to amuse yourself?' 'With a pencil or two and a few sheets of paper, young children can amuse themselves for hours.'
enjoy yourself = have a pleasant time: 'The party was a huge success and all the guests enjoyed themselves.'

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