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appreciable /əˈpriːʃəbəl/ adjective

قابل تحسین ، قابل ارزیابی ، محسوس
Synonyms: significant, considerable, definite, discernible, evident, marked, noticeable, obvious, pronounced, substantial
Antonyms: inappreciable
Contrasted words: impalpable, imperceptible, imponderable, insensible, intangible
Related Words: noticeable, apparent, clear, evident, manifest, obvious, plain, concrete, material, real, substantial

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appreciable AC /əˈpriːʃəbəl/ adjective
[Word Family: adverb: appreciably, appreciatively; adjective: appreciable, appreciativeUNAPPRECIATIVE; verb: appreciate; noun: appreciation]
large enough to be noticed or considered important Synonym : significant:
There’s no appreciable change in the patient’s condition.
—appreciably adverb:
The two plans are not appreciably different.

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