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arrangement /əˈreɪndʒmənt/ noun

ارایش ، ضمیمه قرارداد ، حل و فصل ، تسویه ، روش و ترتیب ، تصرف ، تنظیم ، مقررات ، تدبیر ، قول و قرار ، اصلاح ، ترتیب ، نظم ، قرار ، (تهیه) مقدمات ، تصفیه ، علوم مهندسی: طرح ، کامپیوتر: ترتیب ، معماری: ارایش ، قانون ـ فقه: پیش بینی ، شیمی: ترکیب ، بازرگانی: تصفیه ، ورزش: ارایش
مهندسی صنایع: چیدمان ، نظم ، نحوه قرار گرفتن ، ترتیب الکترونیک: ترتیب ، کامپیوتر: ارایش ، ترکیب ، شیمی: ارایش ، تربیت بدنی: ترتیب ، نظم ، طرح ، علوم مهندسی: ضمیمه قرارداد ، حل و فصل ، تسویه ، اصلاح ، روش و ترتیب ، تصرف ، ترتیب ، تنظیم ، مقررات ، تدبیر ، پیش بینی ، حقوق: قول و قرار ، نظم ، ترتیب ، اصلاح ، تصفیه ، بازرگانی: ارایش ، معماری: ترتیب ، نظم ، قرار،( تهیه )مقدمات ، تصفیه کامپیوتر: ترتیب ، نحوه قرارگیری پزشکی: آراستار ، آرایش

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- often plural: plan, organization, planning, preparation, provision, schedule
- agreement, adjustment, compact, compromise, deal, settlement, terms
- order, alignment, classification, form, organization, structure, system
- adaptation, instrumentation, interpretation, orchestration, score, version
Antonyms: disarrangement
Related Words: layout, lineup, setup, method, system

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arrangement S2 W2 /əˈreɪndʒmənt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: arrangement, arranger; verb: arrange; adjective: arranged]

1. PLAN [countable usually plural] plans and preparations that you must make so that something can happen:
Have you made all your travel arrangements?
arrangement for
I’ve agreed to help with arrangements for the party.
The family made arrangements for his body to be flown back.

2. AGREEMENT [uncountable and countable] something that has been organized or agreed on Synonym : agreement
arrangement between
An arrangement between the two couples ensured there was always someone to look after the children.
arrangement with
The school has an arrangement with local businesses.
an arrangement to do something
Maxine cancelled our arrangement to meet.
come to an/some arrangement (with somebody) (=make an agreement that is acceptable to everyone)
It would usually cost $500, but I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement.
Pets are permitted at the resort by prior arrangement.

3. WAY SOMETHING IS ORGANIZED [countable usually plural] the way in which something is organized:
The airport is currently reviewing its security arrangements.
domestic arrangements

4. POSITION [uncountable and countable] a group of things that are put in a particular position, or the process of doing this
arrangement of
the traditional arrangement of desks in rows
a beautiful flower arrangement

5. MUSIC [countable] a piece of music that has been written or changed for a particular instrument:
a piano arrangement of an old folk song

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I. plans/organization
ADJ. alternative, better, different, new, other It may be necessary to make alternative arrangements.
final | practical | satisfactory, sensible, suitable | careful, detailed | flexible | conventional | unconventional, unusual | special There are special arrangements for people working overseas.
formal | necessary, proper | administrative, organizational | domestic, funeral, holiday, living, pension, seating, security, sleeping, travel, working Their domestic arrangements were considered unconventional at the time.
VERB + ARRANGEMENT make | complete, confirm, finalize Arrangements for the trip have now been completed.
discuss We are just discussing the final arrangements for the concert.
upset All her careful arrangements had been upset!
ARRANGEMENT + VERB stand As far as I know the arrangement still stands.
fall through The catering arrangements for the conference have fallen through.
PREP. ~ for Arrangements for the funeral are complete.
~ with I have made arrangements with the shop for the goods to be delivered here.

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II. agreement
ADJ. business, financial It's purely a business arrangement?there's no need to get emotionally involved.
convenient | special | formal | informal | voluntary | private | reciprocal | long-standing, long-term, permanent | interim, temporary
VERB + ARRANGEMENT have The company has a special arrangement with the bank.
agree, come to, make She made an arrangement with her employer whereby she worked a reduced number of hours.
PREP. by (an/the) ~ Viewing of the property is only possible by arrangement with the owner. The couple have an arrangement by which they each contribute equally to the cost of the house.
under an/the ~ Under this arrangement you can pay for the goods over a longer period.
~ between an arrangement between the two men
~ with He finally came to an arrangement with his landlord.
PHRASES by prior arrangement A tour of the theatre is available by prior arrangement.

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III. group of things placed together
ADJ. complex, complicated a complex arrangment of rods and cogs
physical Even the physical arrangement of the classroon can influence the way children learn.
floral, flower
VERB + ARRANGEMENT design, do Who did this beautiful flower arrangement?

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make arrangements
You are advised to make travel arrangements well in advance.
discuss the arrangements
We need to discuss the wedding arrangements.
finalize the arrangements
I’m meeting him tomorrow to finalize the arrangements.
upset the arrangements (=cause problems which spoil the arrangements)
I don’t want to upset your arrangements.
alternative arrangements
If the flight is cancelled you’ll have to make alternative arrangements.
special arrangements (=particular preparations other than those usually made)
Please inform us if any guests have disabilities or need any special arrangements.
security arrangements
He was in charge of security arrangements for the President’s visit.
financial arrangements
As treasurer, you’re responsible for all the financial arrangements.
travel arrangements
I’ll make my own travel arrangements.
holiday arrangements British English
We don’t have any holiday arrangements yet.
seating/sleeping arrangements (=plans for where people will sit/sleep)
What are the seating arrangements for dinner?

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