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assist /əˈsɪst/ verb

بازیگری که درکسب امتیاز کمک کرده رساندن گوی به یار برای گل زدن در هاکی روی یخ ، همدستی و یاری کردن ، دستگیری کردن ، شرکت جستن ، حضور بهم رساندن ، توجه کردن ، مواظبت کردن ، ملحق شدن ، پیوستن به ، حمایت کردن از ، پایمردی کردن ، دستیاری کردن ، یاور ، همکاری ، کمک کردن ، مساعدت کردن ، ورزش: پاس منجر به گل
Synonyms: help, abet, aid, cooperate, lend a helping hand, serve, support
Antonyms: hamper, impede
Contrasted words: clog, fetter, trammel, forestall, prevent, burden, encumber, handicap, tax, weigh down
Related Words: accompany, attend, escort, concur, cooperate
English Thesaurus: help, assistance, aid, support, cooperation, ...

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I. assist1 S3 W3 AC /əˈsɪst/ verb formal
[Word Family: noun: assistance, assistant; verb: assist]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: assister 'to be present, help', from Latin assistere, from ad- 'to' + sistere 'to cause to stand']

1. [intransitive and transitive] to help someone to do something
assist (somebody) with/in something
You will be employed to assist in the development of new equipment.
Do not say ‘assist someone to do something’. Say assist someone with something or assist someone in doing something: The teacher assists the children with their tasks. | someone who can assist them in planning their careers

2. [transitive] to make it easier for someone to do something:
They had no maps to assist them.

In everyday English, people usually say help rather than assist:
We’ll help in any way we can.
They have special software to help them process invoices.

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II. assist2 noun [countable]
an action that helps another player on your sports team to make a point

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ADV. greatly, materially We have been greatly assisted by individuals and organizations.
VERB + ASSIST be designed to measures designed to assist people with disabilities
PREP. in He had to assist her in opening the gates.
with She offered to assist with the marketing of the product.

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BAD: All members are required to assist to the meeting.
GOOD: All members are required to attend the meeting.
BAD: The school where I am going to assist is in Cambridge.
GOOD: The school that I am going to attend is in Cambridge.

Usage Note:
assist = (formal) help: 'Should you have difficulty in finding a book, the library staff will be pleased to assist you.'
See also ATTEND 1 (attend)

BAD: One of the prison guards assisted them to escape.
GOOD: One of the prison guards assisted them in their escape.
GOOD: One of the prison guards assisted them in escaping.

Usage Note:
assist (sb) in/with sth : 'A Swiss rescue team is being flown in to assist in the search for survivors.' 'I've been asked to assist with the weddingarrangements.'
assist (sb) in doing sth ( NOT to do ): 'Our main job is to assist foreign governments in developing their economies.'

BAD: Ask Susie to assist you.
GOOD: Ask Susie to help you.

Usage Note:
See note at ASSIST 1 (assist).

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