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assumption /əˈsʌmpʃən/ noun

فرض ، خودبینی ، غرور ، اتخاذ ، قصد ، گمان ، (با) A جشن صعود مریم باسمان ، انگاشت ، پنداشت ، معماری: گیرش ، روانشناسی: فرض ، بازرگانی: فرض
- presumption, belief, conjecture, guess, hypothesis, inference, supposition, surmise
- taking on, acceptance, acquisition, adoption, entering upon, putting on, shouldering, takeover, taking up
- taking, acquisition, appropriation, seizure, takeover
Related Words: conjecture, guess, surmise, hypothesis, theory, axiom, fundamental, law, principle, theorem

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Assumption, The

1. (in the Roman Catholic religion) the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary (=Jesus' mother) into heaven

2. the day (15 August) on which this event is celebrated

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assumption S2 W2 AC /əˈsʌmpʃən/ noun
[Word Family: verb: assume; noun: assumption]

1. [countable] something that you think is true although you have no definite proof ⇒ assume
assumption that
A lot of people make the assumption that poverty only exists in the Third World.
My calculations were based on the assumption that house prices would remain steady.
assumption about
People make a lot of assumptions about me.

2. [uncountable] formal when someone starts to have control or power
assumption of
the assumption of responsibility

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ADJ. basic, fundamental, hidden, implicit, tacit, underlying, unspoken | common, conventional, general, shared, widespread shared assumptions between teachers and parents
correct, reasonable, valid | erroneous, false, flawed, incorrect, mistaken, questionable, wrong
QUANT. number, series, set Your argument is based on a set of questionable assumptions.
VERB + ASSUMPTION make She's always making assumptions about how much money people have.
base sth on, start from, work on We are working on the assumption that the techniques are safe.
accept | challenge, disprove, question, test
ASSUMPTION + VERB underly sth, underpin sth the assumptions underlying their beliefs
PREP. on the ~ that I set the table for eight people, on the assumption that Jo would come.
~ about assumptions about how women should behave

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make an assumption
You’re making a lot of assumptions for which you have no proof.
be based on/rest on an assumption
Our plans were based on the assumption that everyone would be willing to help.
work on an assumption (=act according to something that may not be true)
The police seemed to be working on the assumption that he was guilty.
a reasonable/valid assumption
This seemed like a reasonable assumption.
a common/general/widespread assumption
There’s a common assumption that science is more difficult than other subjects.
a basic/fundamental/underlying assumption
There is a basic assumption in international law that a state will protect its citizens.
a correct assumption
Many people acted on the correct assumption that interest rates would rise.
a wrong/false/mistaken assumption
Both theories are based on a single wrong assumption.
an underlying assumption (=a belief that is used as the basis for an idea, but which may not be correct)
There seems to be an underlying assumption in what he says that women are weaker than men.
a tacit/unspoken assumption (=one that no one says aloud)
There seemed to be a tacit assumption that they would get married.
a questionable assumption (=one that is likely to be wrong)
That assumption was obviously highly questionable.

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