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attitude /ˈætətjuːd, ˈætɪtjuːd $ -tuːd/ noun

وضع ، حالت قرار گرفتن ، گرایش ، حالت ، هیئت ، طرز برخورد ، روش و رفتار ، روانشناسی: نگرش ، علوم هوایی: وضعیت ، علوم نظامی: برخورد
کامپیوتر: حالت ، وضعیت

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- disposition, approach, frame of mind, mood, opinion, outlook, perspective, point of view, position, stance
- position, pose, posture, stance
Related Words: air, demeanor, port, presence, point of view, bias, predilection, prejudice, prepossession
English Thesaurus: opinion, view, point of view, position, attitude, ...

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attitude S2 W1 AC /ˈætətjuːd, ˈætɪtjuːd $ -tuːd/ noun
[Word Family: noun: attitude; adjective: attitudinal]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: Late Latin aptitudo 'fitness', from Latin aptus; apt]

1. [uncountable and countable] the opinions and feelings that you usually have about something, especially when this is shown in your behaviour:
As soon as they found out I was a doctor, their whole attitude changed.
attitude to/towards
The people have a very positive attitude to life.

2. [uncountable] informal a style of dressing, behaving etc that shows you have the confidence to do unusual and exciting things without caring what other people think
with attitude
a coat with attitude
—attitudinal /ˌætəˈtjuːdənəl, ˌætɪˈtjuːdənəl $ -ˈtuː-/ adjective

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ADJ. conciliatory, favourable, friendly, positive, responsible, right, sympathetic She seems to have the right attitude for the job.
aggressive, bad, belligerent, cavalier, critical, hostile, irreverent, negative, patronizing, wrong | carefree, casual, flexible, laid-back, liberal, relaxed The teachers seem to have a very relaxed attitude towards discipline.
conservative, inflexible, rigid, uncompromising | ambivalent | general, prevailing, public The general attitude of the public is sympathetic.
changing | mental, moral, sexual
VERB + ATTITUDE adopt, have, take The government has taken a positive attitude to this problem.
change The experience changed his attitude to religion.
ATTITUDE + VERB exist, persist, prevail This sort of attitude exists among certain groups of people.
ATTITUDE + NOUN problem At school he was thought to have an attitude problem.
PREP. ~ about changing attitudes about death
~ of an attitude of confidence and trust Youth is simply an attitude of mind.
~ to/towards There has been a marked change in attitude towards the European single currency.
PHRASES a change in/of attitude, with attitude (informal) (= having a confident, aggressive attitude that challenges what people think) a rock band with attitude

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a lazy student with a bad attitude
A positive attitude is essential if you want to be successful.
Many teenagers have a very negative attitude towards cooking.
On Bali, there is a healthier, more relaxed attitude to life.
favourable (=having a good opinion of something or someone)
Older people tend to have a favourable attitude to the police.
critical (=showing you disagree with or disapprove of someone or something)
People’s attitude towards US foreign policy has become increasingly critical.
ambivalent (=not sure if you approve of something)
The public have a rather ambivalent attitude towards science.
cavalier (=very careless, especially about something serious or important)
his cavalier attitude to the truth
patronizing/condescending (=showing that you think you are more important or intelligent than someone)
complaints about patronising attitudes towards women
aggressive/hostile (=showing anger)
Their attitude suddenly became more aggressive.
public attitudes/people’s attitudes
Public attitudes have changed.
political attitudes
a survey of people’s political attitudes
mental attitude
There is a strong connection between health and mental attitude.
sb’s whole attitude
His whole attitude seemed different.
the general attitude
His general attitude to our situation was unsympathetic.
have/take/adopt an attitude
Not everyone takes a positive attitude towards modern art.
sb’s attitude changes
As you get older, your attitude changes.
an attitude exists
This attitude no longer exists in the church.
sb’s attitude hardens (=they feel less sympathy and they want to be stricter or firmer)
People’s attitudes towards sex offenders have hardened.
an attitude of mind British English (=a way of thinking)
Being young is simply an attitude of mind.
somebody has an attitude problem (=someone is not helpful or pleasant to be with)
Some of the male students have a real attitude problem.

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