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bag /bæɡ/ noun [countable]

کیسه ، کیف ، جوال ، ساک ، خورجین ، چنته ، باد کردن ، متورم شدن ، ربودن ، بازرگانی: کیف ، ورزش: قطعه برزنت چهارگوش وصل به زمین بعنوان پایگاه ، شکار کردن با تیر ، علوم نظامی: کیف ابزار
- container, receptacle, sac, sack
- catch, acquire, capture, kill, land, shoot, trap
Related Idioms: lay by the heels
Related Words: clench, cop, glom, hook, land, nab, net, sack, scoop

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I. bag1 S1 W2 /bæɡ/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old Norse; Origin: baggi]

a) a container made of paper, cloth, or thin plastic, that usually opens at the top:
a paper bag
a plastic bag
a garbage bag
b) a handbag:
Don’t leave your bag in the car.
c) a large bag that you use to carry your clothes etc when you are travelling:
Just throw your bags in the back of the car.
a garment bag

2. AMOUNT the amount that a bag will hold
bag of
a bag of popcorn

3. old/stupid bag spoken an insulting word for an old woman:
You silly old bag!

4. A LOT OF SOMETHINGbags of something especially British English spoken a lot of something Synonym : plenty:
She’s got bags of money.
No need to rush – we’ve got bags of time.

5. pack your bags informal to leave a place where you have been living, usually after an argument:
We told her to pack her bags at once.

6. EYESbags [plural] dark circles or loose skin under your eyes, usually because of old age or being tired

7. a bag of bones informal a person or animal who is too thin

8. in the bag informal certain to be won or achieved:
The governor’s advisors believe the election is in the bag.

9. TROUSERSbags [plural] British English old-fashioned loose-fitting trousers:
Oxford bags

10. not sb’s bag old-fashioned informal something that someone is not very interested in or not very good at:
Thanks, but dancing is not really my bag.

11. bag and baggage British English with all your possessions:
They threw her out of the house, bag and baggage.

12. HUNTING [usually singular] British English the number of birds or animals that someone kills when they go hunting:
We had a good bag that day.
sleeping bag, airbag, duffel bag, tote bag, beanbag, punchbag, sandbag1, teabag, ⇒ let the cat out of the bag at cat(2), ⇒ be left holding the bag at hold1(26), ⇒ a mixed bag at mixed(6)

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II. bag2 verb (past tense and past participle bagged, present participle bagging) [transitive]

1. to put things into bags:
He got a job bagging groceries.

2. informal to manage to get something that a lot of people want:
Try to bag a couple of seats at the front.

3. British English informal to score a goal or a point in sport:
Larsson bagged his thirtieth goal of the season in Celtic’s win.

4. especially British English informal to kill or catch an animal or bird:
We bagged a rabbit.

5. be bagged and zip-tied if prisoners are bagged and zip-tied, bags are put over their heads and their hands are tied together
bag something ↔ up phrasal verb especially British English
to put things into bags:
We bagged up the money before we closed the shop.

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ADJ. strong | heavy | canvas, leather, paper, plastic, polythene, string | carrier, shopping | bin, dustbin, rubbish | clutch, shoulder Her crocodile skin clutch bag matched her shoes.
drawstring, duffel | evening | overnight, weekend, travel/travelling | sponge, toilet, wash | changing a baby changing bag
school | beach, camera, golf, sports | kit (also kitbag) | medical | crisp | sandwich | body The dead soldiers were put on the plane in body bags.
sick (= a paper bag for a person to be sick into on a plane, boat, etc.) | doggie (= for taking uneaten food home from a restaurant) | goody (= a bag given as a gift with a variety of things in) We're giving away a free goody bag with every children's meal.
sleeping | pannier, saddle (also saddlebag) | money (figurative) He could not convince those who held the money bags that his idea was viable.
diplomatic (= an official government container that may not be opened by customs officials) | mail (also mailbag), post (also postbag)
VERB + BAG open, unfasten, unzip | close, zip up | pack | empty, unpack | seal sth in The mushrooms are sealed in a bag for freshness.
cram/push sth in/into, put sth in/into, shove sth in/into, slip sth in/into, stuff/thrust sth in/into The camera caught him slipping a CD into his bag.
draw sth out of, produce sth from, pull/take sth from/out of | delve in/into, dive into, ferret (around) in, fumble in, reach into, rummage in, scrabble in I rummaged in my bag for a pen.
clutch, hold | carry, drag, haul, lug There was no lift so I had to lug my bags up the stairs.
heave, lift | shoulder He shouldered his bag and left.
drop, dump, put down | deposit, drop off, leave We dropped our bags off at the hotel and went straight out.
grab, snatch She grabbed her bag and ran out of the door. Two youths snatched her bag as she was walking home.
swing He was walking along swinging his school bag.
look in, search | gather They were gathering their bags, preparing to leave.
BAG + VERB bulge (with sth) The bag bulged with papers and letters. | contain sth, hold sth | be crammed with sth, be (stuffed) full of sth
PREP. in a/the ~, inside a/the ~ | ~ of a bag of groceries
PHRASES the contents of a bag The customs officer asked him to empty out the contents of his bag. | sling your bag over your shoulder She stepped down off the bus with her bag slung over her shoulder.

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a plastic/polythene/paper bag
Store the beans in a paper bag in the fridge.
a carrier bag (=for carrying shopping, usually made of plastic)
The supermarket no longer gives free carrier bags.
a shopping bag
She loaded her shopping bags into the back of the car.
a school bag
Hey, don't forget your school bag!
a sports bag
I noticed that the man was wearing trainers and carrying a sports bag.
a shoulder bag (=one that is carried over your shoulder)
Big shoulder bags are fashionable this year.
a leather/canvas bag
She was carrying a smart leather bag.
a clutch bag (=a small woman's bag that you hold in one hand)
For the evening all you need is a little clutch bag.
an evening bag (=a small bag that a woman takes out with her in the evening)
She put her lipstick in a black velvet evening bag.
a beach bag (=to take to the beach)
I bought a big striped beach bag.
an overnight bag (=a small suitcase or bag for a short stay somewhere)
All you need to take is an overnight bag.
a travel bag (=a suitcase or bag taken with you when you travel)
Your travel bag must not weigh more than 20 kilos.
a sponge/toilet bag (=for carrying your soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc)
I left my sponge bag in the hotel bathroom.
a bin/dustbin bag British English
Use the black bin bags provided by the council.
a bag contains something
Lisa was carrying the bag containing the beach towels.
a bag holds something
I don't think that bag will hold all those books..
open/close a bag
The customs officer opened my bag.
empty a bag
I've emptied my bags and I still can't find it.
pack a bag (=put things in it preparing to go somewhere)
Mum packed a bag for a day at the beach.
unpack a bag
She unpacked her bags and put her clothes away.

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