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bang /bæŋ/ noun
bang adverb

(vt.& vi.) بستن ، محکم زدن ، چتری بریدن (گیسو) ، (n.& adv.) صدای بلند یا محکم ، چتر زلف ، علوم هوایی: صدای ناشی از عبور ناپیوسته امواج فشاری در اتمسفر
- explosion, clang, clap, clash, pop, slam, thud, thump
- blow, bump, cuff, knock, punch, smack, stroke, whack
- hit, belt (informal), clatter, knock, slam, strike, thump
- explode, boom, clang, resound, thump, thunder
- hard, abruptly, headlong, noisily, suddenly
- straight, precisely, slap, smack
Related Words: noise, report, sound, discharge, explosion, pop, shot, howl, roar, roll, rumble, thunder
English Thesaurus: bang, crash, thud, thump, clink, ...

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I. bang1 S3 /bæŋ/ noun

1. [countable] a sudden loud noise caused by something such as a gun or an object hitting a hard surface:
There was a loud bang outside the kitchen door.

2. [countable] a painful blow to the body when you hit against something or something hits you Synonym : bump:
a bang on the head

3. bangs [plural] American English hair cut straight across your forehead Synonym : fringe British English

4. with a bang in a very successful way:
Stock markets started the year with a bang.

5. (get) a bigger/better etc bang for your buck informal something that gives you a good effect or a lot of value for the effort or money you spend on it:
Are taxpayers getting enough bang for their buck?

6. get a bang out of something American English spoken to enjoy something very much
big bang theory

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II. bang2 S3 verb
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to hit something hard, making a loud noise
bang on
Stop banging on the door!
bang your fist/hand on something
She banged her fist on the table.
The baby kept banging the table with his spoon.

2. [transitive] to put something down or against something with a lot of force, making a loud noise
bang something down
She banged the phone down.
bang something on/against something
He banged a teapot on the table.

3. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] to close something violently, making a loud noise, or to be closed in this way Synonym : slam:
I ran out, banging the door behind me.
The window banged shut.

4. [transitive] to hit a part of your body, or something you are carrying, against something by accident Synonym : bump
bang something on something
I fell and banged my head on the pavement.

5. [intransitive] to make a loud noise or loud noises:
The gate keeps banging in the wind.

6. [transitive] not polite to have sex with someone
bang the drum for somebody/something at drum1(4), ⇒ bang sb’s heads together at head1(32), ⇒ be (like) banging your head against a brick wall at head1(31)
bang about/around phrasal verb
to move around a place, making a lot of noise:
We could hear them banging about upstairs.
bang on phrasal verb British English
informal to talk continuously about something in a boring way Synonym : go on
bang on about
I wish he wouldn’t keep banging on about politics.
bang something ↔ out phrasal verb informal

1. to play a tune or song loudly and badly on a piano

2. to write something in a hurry, especially using a keyboard
bang somebody/something ↔ up phrasal verb informal

1. British English to put someone in prison

2. American English to seriously damage something:
a banged-up old Buick

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III. bang3 adverb

1. informal directly or exactly:
The train arrived bang on time.
The technology is bang up to date.

2. bang on British English spoken exactly correct:
‘Is that right?’ ‘Bang on!’

3. bang goes something British English spoken used to show that you are unhappy because something you had hoped for will not happen:
Bang goes my brilliant plan.

4. spoken in a sudden violent way:
I skidded and went bang into the wall.

5. go bang informal to explode or burst with a loud noise

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IV. bang4 interjection
used to make a sound like a gun or bomb:
Bang bang, you’re dead!

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. sudden loud noise
ADJ. almighty, big, enormous, huge, loud, massive, terrific, tremendous
VERB + BANG let out, make The engine let out a bang. Will the firework make a loud enough bang?
hear We suddenly heard an almighty bang from the kitchen.
BANG + VERB echo
PREP. with a ~ She slammed the door with a loud bang.

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II. sudden hard hit
ADJ. nasty He got a nasty bang on the head.
VERB + BANG get, have

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I. hit noisily
ADV. hard, loudly
PREP. against He kept banging his chair against the wall.
on She banged loudly on the table.
PHRASES bang sth about, bang (sth) down, bang (sth) open/shut The bedroom door banged shut. She banged the door shut.

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II. part of the body/person
ADV. badly, hard I had banged my head badly.
PREP. into He banged into me in the corridor.
on I banged my leg on the table.

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