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barrel /ˈbærəl/ noun [countable]

در خمره ریختن، در بشکه کردن، بوش، زنجیر، قسمت کلفت چوب بیس بال، لوله توپ، لوله جنگ افزار، خمره چوبی، چلیک، لوله تفنگ، درخمره ریختن، دربشکه کردن، با سرعت زیادحرکت کردن، علوم مهندسی: غلاف، شیمی: پاتیل، بازرگانی: بشکه، ورزش: لوله اسلحه، علوم نظامی: بشکه

: barrel (gun)

لوله سلاح، علوم دریایی: لوله
ارسال ایمیل
Synonyms: cask, butt, hogshead, keg, pipe, tun, much, great deal, lashings, lot, lump, mess, mountain, peck, power, sight
Synonyms: hurry, barrelhouse, fleet, fly, hasten, highball, run, rush, speed, whiz

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I. barrel1 /ˈbærəl/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: baril]

1. a large curved container with a flat top and bottom, made of wood or metal, and used for storing beer, wine etc:
The wine is aged in oak barrels.
barrel of
barrels of beer

2. a unit of measurement for oil, equal to 159 litres
barrel of
two million barrels of oil

the part of a gun that the bullets are fired through

4. have somebody over a barrel to put someone in a situation in which they are forced to accept or do what you want:
The manager has us over a barrel – either we work on a Saturday or we lose our jobs.

5. be a barrel of laughs [often in negatives] to be very enjoyable:
Life is not exactly a barrel of laughs at the moment.
pork barrel, ⇒ scrape (the bottom of) the barrel at scrape1(5), ⇒ lock, stock, and barrel at lock2(3)

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II. barrel2 verb [intransitive] American English informal
to move very fast, especially in an uncontrolled way:
A vehicle barreled out of a shopping center and crashed into the side of my car.

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I. container
ADJ. beer, wine
VERB + BARREL fill They filled the barrels with cider
BARREL + VERB contain sth
PREP. a/per ~ The price of oil had fallen to $16 per barrel.
by the ~ Beer is sold by the barrel.
~ of a barrel of beer/oil

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II. of a gun
ADJ. gun, rifle I felt the gun barrel at my head
VERB + BARREL look down, peer/squint along She found herself looking down the barrel of a gun. Pulling his rifle to his shoulder he squinted along the barrel.
PHRASES the barrel of a gun

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See: over a barrel also over the barrel , scrape the bottom of the barrel

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