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lock /lɒk $ lɑːk/ verb

محکم نگهداشتن ، قفل گلنگدن ، چفت شدن ، طره گیسو ، دسته پشم ، چخماق تفنگ ، چفت و بست ، مانع ، سد متحرک ، سدبالابر ، چشمه پل ، محل پرچ یا اتصال دویاچند ورق فلزی ، قفل کردن ، بغل گرفتن ، راکد گذاردن ، قفل شدن ، بوسیله قفل بسته ومحکم شدن ، محبوس شدن ، علوم مهندسی: بستن قفل ، کامپیوتر: قفل شدن ، معماری: قفل ، علوم نظامی: قفل شدن گیره دریچه های کانال ناو
الکترونیک: قفل ، قفل کردن ، قفل شدن ، کامپیوتر: محکم نگهداشتن ، قفل کردن ، بستن قفل ، علوم مهندسی: قفل ، معماری: چفت ، قفل گلنگدن ، چفت شدن ، قفل شدن گیره دریچه های کانال ناو ، علوم نظامی: طره گیسو، دسته پشم ، قفل ، چخماق تفنگ ، چفت و بست ، مانع ، سد متحرک ، سدبالابر، چشمه پل ، محل پرچ یا اتصال دویاچند ورق فلزی ، قفل کردن ، بغل گرفتن ، راکد گذاردن ، قفل شدن ، بوسیله قفل بسته ومحکم شدن ، محبوس شدن کامپیوتر: قفل

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- fastening, bolt, clasp, padlock
- fasten, bolt, close, seal, secure, shut
- unite, clench, engage, entangle, entwine, join, link
- embrace, clasp, clutch, encircle, enclose, grasp, hug, press
strand, curl, ringlet, tress, tuft

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I. lock1 S2 W3 /lɒk $ lɑːk/ verb

1. FASTEN SOMETHING [intransitive and transitive] to fasten something, usually with a key, so that other people cannot open it, or to be fastened like this:
Did you lock the car?
I can’t get this drawer to lock.

2. KEEP IN A SAFE PLACE [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to put something in a place and fasten the door, lid etc with a key
lock something in something
Lock the cat in the kitchen.

3. FIXED POSITION [intransitive and transitive] to become fixed in one position and impossible to move, or to make something become fixed:
The wheels suddenly locked.
lock something around/round something
He locked his hands around the younger man’s throat.
A moment later they were locked in an embrace (=holding each other very tightly in a loving or friendly way).
Their eyes locked together (=they could not look away from each other) for an instant.

4. FIXED SITUATION [transitive usually passive] if you are locked in a situation, you cannot get out of it
be locked in/into something
The two groups are locked in a vicious cycle of killing.
The company is locked into a five-year contract.

5. be locked in battle/combat/dispute etc to be involved in a long, serious argument or fight with someone:
They are now locked in a bitter custody battle over the three children.

6. lock arms if people lock arms, they join their arms tightly with the arms of the people on each side:
The police locked arms to form a barrier against the protesters.

7. lock horns (with somebody) to argue or fight with someone:
The band have now locked horns with their record company over the album.
—lockable adjective
lock somebody/something ↔ away phrasal verb

1. to put something in a safe place and lock the door, lid etc Synonym : lock up:
He locked his money away in the safe.

2. to put someone in prison Synonym : lock up:
I hope they lock him away for years.

3. lock yourself away to keep yourself separate from other people by staying in your room, office etc
lock in phrasal verb

1. lock somebody in (something) to prevent someone from leaving a room or building by locking the door:
She locked herself in.
They locked the director in his office.

2. lock something ↔ in to do something so that a price, offer, agreement etc cannot be changed:
Sell your stocks now to lock in some of the gains of recent months.

3. lock something ↔ in to make the taste, liquid etc remain in something:
This method of cooking locks in the flavour of the meat.
lock onto something phrasal verb
if a missile or satellite locks onto a target or signal, it finds it and follows it closely
lock somebody ↔ out phrasal verb

1. to keep someone out of a place by locking the door
lock somebody ↔ out of
I locked myself out of the house!

2. if employers lock workers out, they do not let them enter their place of work until they accept the employers’ conditions for settling a disagreement
lock up phrasal verb

1. to make a building safe by locking the doors, especially at night:
I’ll leave you to lock up.
lock something ↔ up
Don’t forget to lock up the warehouse.

2. lock something ↔ up to put something in a safe place and lock the door, lid etc Synonym : lock away

3. lock somebody ↔ up to put someone in prison Synonym : lock away:
Rapists should be locked up.

4. be locked up (in something) if your money is locked up, you have put it into a business, investment etc and cannot easily move it or use it

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II. lock2 S2 noun
[Sense 1-3, 5-9: Language: Old English; Origin: loc]
[Sense 4: Language: Old English; Origin: locc]

1. FASTENING [countable] a thing that keeps a door, drawer etc fastened and is usually opened with a key or by moving a small metal bar:
I’m sorry, there isn’t a lock on the bathroom door.
The key turned stiffly in the lock.
a bike lockpick a lock at pick1(10)

2. under lock and key
a) kept safely in a box, cupboard etc that is locked:
Dad keeps all his liquor under lock and key.
b) kept in a place such as a prison

3. lock, stock, and barrel including every part of something:
He moved the whole company, lock, stock, and barrel, to Mexico.

a) [countable] a small number of hairs on your head that grow and hang together
lock of
He gently pushed a lock of hair from her eyes.
b) locks [plural] literary someone’s hair:
long flowing locks

5. ON A RIVER ETC [countable] a part of a canal or river that is closed off by gates so that the water level can be raised or lowered to move boats up or down a slope

6. IN A FIGHT [countable] a hold which wrestlers use to prevent their opponent from moving:
a head lock

7. VEHICLE [uncountable and countable] British English the degree to which a vehicle’s front wheels can be turned in order to turn the vehicle

8. RUGBY [countable] a playing position in the game of rugby

9. a lock on something American English complete control of something:
Pro football still has a lock on male viewers aged 18 to 34.
air lock, combination lock

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I. fastening device
ADJ. Chubb, combination, lever, mortise, Yale | door, window
VERB + LOCK fit We had new locks fitted after the burglary.
break, force, pick | turn He turned the lock and pushed the door open.
PHRASES insert/turn the key in the lock, (keep sb/sth) under lock and key Prisoners are kept under lock and key 24 hours a day.

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II. small bunch of hair
ADJ. stray She flicked a stray lock of hair off her face.
flowing She had long flowing locks and blue eyes.

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I. close with a lock
ADV. carefully He carefully locked the door behind him.
VERB + LOCK forget to
PHRASES be firmly/securely locked, keep sth locked Keep your garage securely locked.

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II. put sb/sth inside sth that is locked
ADV. away, in, up I was terrified they would lock me up again.
PREP. in I locked myself in the bathroom.
PHRASES be safely/securely locked All the valuables were safely locked away.

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See: scalp lock

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